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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Getting back at school (but not in that vengeful sense)

This summer really has been full of twists and turns and a bunch of busy business that I've been attending. If you've been following this blog since day one, you're either psychotic killer stalking me, or a mastermind terrorist trying to hack my information, or just a good friend. It's don't have to answer immediately....and if you're still reading at this point, I'm just pulling your leg. ;)

Anyway, let me get right to the word of the week....Education-- the most powerful word in the english dictionary that you will ever get to know. It helps you stay informed with the topics that you are currently following after; it helps you learn more about the universe and why it began; it helps analyze a classic scene in a Disney movie, animated by Milt Kahl; it even helps you get your good throwing stone prepared when you want to stone Pat Robertson for making another false predictions. ;)

As a young and aspiring college student, entering my Junior year in college, I am finally realizing my potential and following after my dreams and leaving stepping stones behind for other future students to follow.

This whole past week has been me rediscovering Technology, Literature, the Arts, History and much more. And while I embark on this magnificent quest for knowledge, it will to the prize that I so long sought-- my own conclusion.

Forming your own conclusions is the most wonderful achievement that a person can ever accomplish in life. It may not get you an Oscar, or get you a Eisner Award, or an Emmy, but it will lead you to the person you anxiously long to be.

And I personally thank God that I'm still alive and developed my own views within the past few years. I really hope the next few years down the road will be more rewarding in my educational journey...hey, for most people it will never end.

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