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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taking care of business

Hey guys! Just letting you know that I am still drawing in the midst of Finals that are coming up. So I need to start studying my buns off, which could possibly result in less drawing. That doesn't mean I won't be updating this blog as often as I have been doing now.

Darkwing Duck sketchdump

All apologies for the slant on this photo here-- I had a hard time trying to adjust it with my scanner; it was really annoying, but at least I got to put these up. Anyway, I copied these off of James Silvani's concept artwork gallery on the negaverse website where all the DW fans gather. I outta regather there so I can share my DW fandom sometime. :)

Spork studies
Mind you that these aren't in the perfect quality, drawing these were still loads of fun. I got to experiment with some new cartoon expressions that probably were never done before. XD

Amelia Enmity/Bobby Bender
And last, but certainly not least, the unveiling of Amelia Enmity's new design as well as a new character/friend of hers-- Bobby 'Bloody' Bender-- the obsessive compulsive vampire. Mind you that this isn't the final design of Bobby, but it certainly is work posting for the sake of history because there are a bunch of features here that I want to keep. :)

I especially enjoy AE's new look too because it looks more matured from before. :)

And the fact that they're hovering above the ground is epic!! XD

I actually drew it like that because I drew AE at a slanted angle, which I had an occasional problem of drawing my characters in that fashion. So, to correct my mistake, I decided to draw her hovering on a piece of earth to add to the effect.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glork Studies

I'm just quickly updating right before I head to work this morning. Anyway, last night I worked out some facial variations with my character, Glork, as a means to ready myself to start animating him in flash. I especially like the one near the center where he has the traditional Spumco look. XD
Expect some more in the near future. See you soon. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is just a quick update of a sketch that I finished drawing yesterday, and then inked and colored today. This is for another friend who requested a sketch of herself. It's not really my best work, but I intend to keep drawing until I get better and better. I will say that I'm finally getting the hang of drawing girls better. :)

Anyway, I want to wish you guys a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. And since this is a blog named after the lyrics of the Mst3k theme song, I encourage you to leave the Bronx!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Merry Christmas in November?

Not really. But this submission that I will be showcasing to my college paper will hopefully make it's way around the Christmas holidays-- the most wonderful time of the year. :)

Ork, Glork N Spork Christmas
I know I have something already planned for these guys, but I thought I do the pleasure of drawing them in this pic just in time for Christmas.

Walking Dead sketchdump
Just a little sketch warmup earlier so I could draw the Christmas sketch above. I should practice more variation on humans so I can get better.

Gosalynn Mallard
Huzzah! I finally managed to draw Gosalynn from Darkwing Duck. Before, I couldn't draw her to save my life-- now I can. :D Mind you she's not perfect, but if I keep practicing with her character models by Toby Shelton, I will get better. :D

I hope to draw her again in the future. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

More to come after the break (not Thanksgiving Break) XD

Well, here's another update to keep this blog in motion. I'm glad that I'm drawing more and more.

 Bone Sketchdump
For those who don't know, I have discovered the wonders of the Bone series by Jeff Smith. After reading it this summer, I felt inspired to improve my cartooning through the series. :)

Mike Mignola's Hellboy practice
This is my first attempt at working on some pages from the Hellboy 'Right Hand of Doom' comics. Mind you that it it has it's errors, but all in all, it's not bad. :) Mike Mignola's artwork really does inspire me to draw at my level but improve immensely.

One Shot Fanart
After recollecting with the Darkwing Duck comics that James Silvani has worked on, I realized how much I fell in love with One-Shot-- he totally reminded me Petey Pate from the Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse cartoon series. I hope to draw more of him in the future. :)

Zombie Girl 2.0
Remember my zombie girl from last month's comic submission for the college paper? Well, I decided to drew her a better pose and fix her up a bit. I actually think this sketch is better than before. :)

Anyway, I hope to update this blog some more and share some more submissions for the college paper. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

School's out

Well guys, I am officially off from college for the whole week and I will be able to draw some more art and get acquainted with some more movies that I haven't seen in years.

Anyway, here's some art updates:

Walking Dead gun cover
This one I did when I was trying to learn more WD art and get a better handle on human hands. While this isn't perfect, I like how I'm getting more confident in drawing human hands.

half and half sketchdump
 This one I drew before I drew the WB hand. I started out with Rick Grimes, and then I eventually drew Bugs Bunny, and the rest is history. I like how I'm getting better at drawing Gosalynn from Darkwing Duck. Oh, btw, the character that looks like he has a bowling ball for a head is actually one of the characters that is apart of my story starring Kung Pow Kat (It's a secret). ;)

Referring back to my Darkwing Duck comics, I looked over the villain, One-Shot, and drew him because I felt compelled to draw him. You know, he's pretty fun to draw. His insanity driven by his obsession of not throwing the same thing twice fascinates me. I outta draw some fanart for him soon. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Great news everybody! This monday, in my Creative Writing class, I was assigned to write a short story and take the option of turning it into a comic strip. Being the eager beaver that I am, I quickly concocted this little mini comic about this fat guy named Bob.

Generally, the story explores how one can waste the potential that the human mind has-- through being force-fed bias news sources, televangelist preachers, mind-numbing childrens programs, etc. and not giving yourself enough variety.

I had considered using Mickey Mouse in the 4th panel on the 2nd page, but it just seemed kinda biased considering that everybody loves Mickey, as well as myself. Plus, I wanted to stay true to my Disney influences, despite letting the rebel in me create my own style. ;)

Looking at the comic, I'm starting to see that Jhonen Vasquez influence kick in.

And while no detail is picture perfect, it certainly is a great comic and a worthy accomplishment. :)

Dumping my sketches here...

I have a habit of typing in a centered text format. lol

Anyway, just wanted to let you cool cats who are viewing my blog right now that I am still keeping busy this week, as well as drawing more and more art. The most that I have drawn this week had to be sunday night.

But enough talk-- here's some more cartoon sketches...

Daffy Duck studies
Just some more observation sketches from watching more and more Chuck Jones cartoons, most notably 'Duck Amuck'. That was one fun cartoon that I watched growing up. I still have minor detail issues to work out with Daffy though.

Darkwing Duck cover 10 A practice
And since I was so obsessed with drawing Ducks, I decided to practice with this DW Duck cover featuring the ever so suave Steelbeak and the founders of FOWL [Fiendish Organization for World Larceny]. I currently own this issue, but in the Cover B edition (still need to get issue 11 though :P)

You can tell with this cover that there's a bunch of details that went amiss. Despite that, I worked to at least get it done, with or without DW on the bottom center, and managed to make some progress.

Ren and Stimpy sketch
This is a sketch about a whale...No! This is a sketch about being happy! That's right-- it's the Happy Happy Joy Joy sketch!

I'll admit, I was originally ticked off by John Kricfalusi's comments towards contemporary Disney films, as well as modern TV animation, etc. But you know what, I have finally trained myself to get past his comments and see his intentions as well as his accomplishments, all the while still being entitled to my opinion-- believing that Disney movies in the 90s really were great at the time.

I realized that while he is opinionated at times, he's simply trying to prove that art doesn't have to be limited to merely one style and refuses to let people control his art.

And if John Kricfalusi is reading this blog-- I just want to say that I hope you understand and want you to know that I respect you and believe that even Cartoons can still have great comedy in them. :)

And last, but certainly not least....
My funny that I submitted to the forum! :D

That's right folks! My first strip of the year finally made it's way into the forum. It took me 2 months to get something published in that college paper, but I am grateful for it. I can't wait till the next issue comes out. :)

Coming soon, I have a special surprise for the next post. Be sure to stop by when you guys get a chance... ;)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


 New Tattoo design
This is the new tattoo design for my friend from college who wanted it modified for the sake of fitting all the names in one chain. Pretty cool, huh?

Bugs Bunny from Rabbit Rampage
Just some more Bugs Bunny drawings from the LT cartoon, 'Rabbit Rampage' directed by Chuck Jones. Now that I'm drawing more Chuck Jones art, I think I'm starting to naturally draw Bugs better. :)

 Justin Casey Strikes Back

Since I haven't drawing Justin Casey in ages, I thought I'd do him the honor of drawing him again. He looks pretty epic, you know? Oh BTW, that toy he's holding is a Psalty Peanut doll-- a character I created for the Trouble Shooters universe. Basically, he's a popular children's church character with a sarcastic attitude. ;)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is what I plan to submit for the Forum.

Psychotic Thanksgiving Turkey 
While this picture ain't perfect, I admire the concept and enjoyed drawing it. I think I may send a 2nd copy just so I can improve with detail and coloring.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Way to keep myself up to date...

Ork, Glork N Spork talking back at Benny Hinn
Hah! I always wanted to draw something like this. Now I'm expanding on my Mystery Science Theater 3000 influences and put my 3 aliens in the most appropriate spot possible-- talking back at money hungry televangelists like Benny Hinn. :P

While this sketch isn't perfect, it certainly looks overall good. I especially like how Glork talks back at Benny Hinn by uttering "And become smarter than the average BEAR.'" Now, after reading the dialogue alone, you probably won't get the joke. Well, in a video exposing Benny Hinn, when he remarked 'Receive the Power of the Holy Ghost', he sounded a lot like Yogi Bear. In retaliation, Glork talks back in a Yogi Bear voice. XD

John Hoffman sketches
These were taken off of John Hoffman's Monkeyfeather blog. Since I wanted to experiment with a variety of style, I practiced a bit with his character expression variations.

Chuck Jones drawings
I think I've already become completely inspired by Chuck Jones' animation and storytelling style. Already, I feel the need to release the inner animator inside me.

Sketchdump for upcoming college funnie
This little sketchdump is a surprise for what's to come this week. While I won't be able to attend this week's Forum meeting, I will be able to submit the next funny with these following characters. I don't wanna spoil any details, you I'll let you figure it out from here. ;)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Better days ahead...

As you can see, it seems as though after a few series of sketchwork that things will be better than last week.
Just take a look at the pictures to come...

Darkwing Duck panel practice
As you can see in this sketch, I'm starting to get the hang of drawing Darkwing Duck's face. You see, I could never really get the hang of drawing his mouth connecting to his face; but after practicing with volumetrics and other DW drawings, his face is starting to show. And if you pay close attention, you'll notice the differences between the original panel and this one.

Chuck Jones practice
I felt the need of drawing some more Chuck Jones art to enhance my cartooning. So I looked around John Kricfalusi's blog and used some animation stills as reference. You can tell that Wile E. Coyote still needs work with form, but overall, this is a good start. I like how Ralph the dog came out and managed to execute his form

Burnes Hogarth practice
You know, after working with these quick sketches from Burne Hogarth's book 'Dynamic Anatomy', some of what I learned last year in Studio Drawing 1 are starting to look familiar...Still, this is good practice so I can get a better handle on human-like drawings and practice with Anatomy.

Ork, Glork N Spork
And of course, let me have the pleasure of reintroducing my 3 aliens-- Ork, Glork N Spork. I have something very special planned for these three guys. Wait till you see in the days ahead. ;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bad sketch week

The rest of this wasn't really a great week in terms of sketching. It wasn't the worst, but it certainly wasn't the best. Point in case? I'll show you my artwork...

Doug TenNapel sketches...
I decided to practice with a bit of DT sketches; I always had been fascinated in digging deeper into his graphic novels since they have such a unique style. I think I'll get them next time I get back to the bookstore.

 Kairi Bruce Timm style studies take 1
Again, I've been inspired to draw Kairi, from Kingdom Hearts, in the style of Bruce Timm. As you can see, I kinda know what I want to do, but Im having a hard time trying to ink her correctly.

Kung Pow Kat studies take 1
These are some sketches of my character, Kung Pow Kat. Me and my friend from Creative Writing are working on a story together, and I thought I'd do the honor of introducing KPK unto this world.

As you can see in these sketches, I have a good idea of what to do with him. But the form and proportions need to be heavily worked on. Even the body itself looks too skinny.

Dib's Haunted Gummi Bear Collection Take 1

This is a sketch that I always wanted to do after watching the episode 'Gaz, Taster of Pork' in which Dib utters that one line 'My Haunted Gummi Bear Collection!' when Gaz takes a bit out of them. In this case, his haunted Gummis are the Gummi Bears from the popular Disney TV show. XD

Somehow I feel the prismacolor pencil here kinda messed up the complexion of the piece because of how shallow it looks. Even the ink was pretty crappy. But no worries, this month, I'm gonna resketch this, and Kairi so I can get a better idea.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

new submissions

Garfield sketchdump

I thought I'd return to my Jim Davis roots and experiment with drawing Garfield characters, as referenced from my Garfield's Life to the Fullest funny book. The funny thing is despite the fact that Jim Davis was one of my early artistic inspirations, I can't seem to draw Garfield 100% spot on. lol But I manage to do a good job though. :)

Amelia Enmity hates homework

This is just a resketched take of what I had previously posted on my blog, as well as submitted to my college paper not too long ago. This is totally better than the first one, but I feel there's a few errors with the perspective and needs a bit more work. However, the perspective works better than what I done previously.

Bad Roommates Comic Strip

This is yet another submission for the college paper in which is corresponds with an article, written by another student, on bad roommates.

I had to color it in because I didn't feel write submitting a funny with no color to fill in for the pencil job. One of these days, I'm gonna get a Cintiq pad and color my pics/comics neater.