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Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick art update.

One of these pics is not like the other

Anyway, this is my next submission for the Forum paper due next week. I think I may send them the top one instead because I feel the bottom shadowing could've been better. I guess I thought it would add a little life to Amelia Enmity.

Still, this is a job well done. I especially like how I'm improving with Amelia's expression. I kinda borrowed Dib's forehead grunts, as seen on Amelia's. haha

Chuck Jones attempt

At because I wanted to improve my cartooning, I got the motivation to check out Chuck Jones' character designs that he did for the Looney Tunes at WB. I can't say that they're perfect, but they are good starts.

Dib varieties
And of course, here are some variety designs of Dib from Invader Zim. I found off of one of the websites of the character designer for the show, Aaron Alexovich. These are good practice to help draw Dib better. :)

That's all for now folks. See you soon.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Staying Dangerous

'Zombie' Tad Stones

This is a piece that I drew up yesterday, in the midst of my essays and my quiz-studying, honoring Darkwing Duck's creator, Tad Stones. 20 years ago, he created DW for Disney TV animation; 20 years later, he is still involved in the TV animation world and is currently working on a pilot for Cartoon Network, storyboarding for Bob's Burgers, writing scripts for other shows, etc

Here's hoping he manages to make it to 80 and still do all that jazz. ;)

Walking Dead sketches
Of course, here's some zombie sketches that I drew up before I sketched Tad as a zombie. Eventually, I should practice with panels from my WD comics and nail down the action for practice.

Harley Quinn practice
And before I got zombie fever, I drew up some Harley Quinn sketches from Modern Masters: Bruce Timm where it featured a bunch of HQ sketches. These aren't perfect, but they're helping me nail down Harley's line of action which will help me draw women better.

That's just about it for now. ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What a week! I turned 21

Hey guys! I got some great news! My interview with the owner of Funny Business Comic books down at Downtown Nyack was seen in the paper today, when I picked it up. Unfortunately, there was no strip seen in the paper, but this is a good start for the year.

And of course, I managed to post new art this week, as well as Birthday art this week since I turned 21 on Wednesday.

Tom Servo ala Terminator
It feels nice to sketch a Mst3k character again. I have really been watching that show every week now. I wish they brought it back so they could get Tom Servo and Crow back with Mike or Joel in the silloutte corner.

Anyway, this is a sketch of Tom Servo dressed in his Terminator outfit as seen at the end of Hobgoblins. Looks like somebody's gonna get kicked in the shin tonight. ;)

Skull w/ Bday cake.
Since I turned 21 on Wednesday, I thought I'd draw myself a little birthday sketch. Cool, isn't it?

Zim sketches
I think I'm starting to get better at sketch Zim characters, but I still need work in some areas, like facial expressions and a few other factors.

Zombie Boyfriend
Of course, after I drew the Zombie girl for the comic strip for the college paper, I decided to sketch her a boyfriend. Wait till I sketch them together in their own picture. ;)

Well, that's just about it for now folks. Can't wait to update soon. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

just trying to keep busy

Hey guys! Just popping in and updating my blog before I go about the rest of my day and get work done for school. I hope you enjoy some of the art that I have in store for you all. :)

Just is just my first take at sketching some scenary from an episode of Darkwing Duck-- 'Steerminator'. When I was looking at the episode again, I just had to draw that one set of scenery before Gosalynn and Honker emerge from underneath.

Franken Gizmo and Corkey the Mummy
This is just an old resketch of some costume ideas I had in mind for Gizmo C. Robot and Corkey Roberts, for my Trouble Shooters project. Gizmo makes one badass frankenstein monster. ;)

And of course, since I've been reinspired by James Silvani's art again, I decided to practice with some panels from the DW #3 comic so I can practice drawing angle shots in comics better. I didn't complete the 5th and final panel in the comic because I felt like I was running out of space.

Zombie comic submission
And of course, I finally got to finish my comic strip submission for the college paper. :D I am proud of the hard work that I put into drawing these zombies. It seems like I just keep getting better and better. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Coming up....Comic Con!!

As promised, I will give you guys a quick filler of how Comic Con went and show you my photos of how me and my bro sent the 3 hours at the Javits Center.

James Silvani!
(uh oh! Looks like Amy Webberson dropped something! :O)

Man! I feel like a crappy photographer. Anyway, I got the privelege of getting the chance of meeting James Silvani and Amy Webberson-- one of the few creative individuals behind Darkwing Duck's comic book lineup at Boom (which is gonna end soon). 

I felt really excited and just had to get my comics signed by him (and Amy too). Too bad I could get a personal shot with him.

But at least I was lucky enough to get this awesome Darkwing Duck sketch. :) It makes a good Birthday gift too. :)

Oh hey! A rare Batman Beyond siting, with Harley Quinn and the Joker!

Tony Moore
And of course, I got my chance at getting Tony Moore at inking his commission for somebody. I even had the chance of talking to him for a bit. :)

This was a quick Spiderman shot I found at the early beginning--
does whatever a spider can. ;)

Another cosplay siting! This time with Sailor Mercury!

I'm Batman's Batsuit!

And of course, me and my bro. That's me on the left, of course. ;) God, I feel like such a schemer in that photo. :P

Anyway, I also managed to get a copy of Modern Masters: Bruce Timm and Jeff Smith, Jack Kirby's mini Avengers comic and Walking Dead volume 4. But alas, no new DWs. Maybe next time though.

All in all, I think I had a good time at Comic Con. Hopefully, next year I'll be able to hang around longer and check out some more workshops.

quick art update before filler on Comic Con

Just wanted to quickly showcase my artwork before I post information/photos on my time back at Comic Con.

Zombie girl
Here's is another zombie character that will appear in my 3 panel comic for the college paper. I'm happy with how she came out, especially since I went lightly on the pencils. Even the red was a good touch to her complexion.

Darkwing Duck sketchdump
After meeting up with James Silvani at his booth, I aspired to draw more Darkwing Duck art again. Here I did a quick sketchdump. It was great to draw somthing DW related again. I even managed to successfully draw my first sketch of Gosalynn. :D She's not perfect, but she's better than I what I tried before-- I could barely draw her.

Anyway, as soon as I'm ready, I'll sit back and talk about my great time at Comic Con. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zombie fever!

Just updating my blog before I head to Comic Con tomorrow. This whole week has been zombie fever for me. It's good though since I plan on visiting Tony Moore's booth-- I'll probably show him some of my zombie sketches that I'll post now.

Zombie concepts
These are just the few conceptual zombies that I have in mind for my comic I plan on submitting to the college paper. The one on the top left reminds me of Pig-Pen, from Peanuts, if he became a zombie. :P

Being that I liked my Pig Pen-esque zombie, I decided to draw him again. ;) He looks so cute with his flesh torn apart. And yes, he's gonna apear in my zombie college paper comic.

Zombie portrait
I decided to resketch another concept zombie in this portrait sketch. Isn't he handsome. ;)

And here's the way out:

I thought I'd also refresh my still life practice this week. This is a drawing of a staircase from our villa back in the Poconos. Since I haven't drawn anything vacation related, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I can tell I still need to work on my form, and positioning. But I'll get better soon.

That's all for now folks. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

attack of the zombie sketches!!!

These past few days have been nothing but school business for me. I have been studying for exams, preparing essays, getting my assignments done and all sorts of nonsense. :P

Luckily, I was able to retain my sanity by drawing more zombies and experimenting with some styles through drawing Tony Moore's zombies. ;)

As you can see, after I copied some more zombies from the Walking Dead book, I attempted at drawing my own zombies which can be found on the right, both at the top and bottom corners.

Again, pretty much did the same process, but only managed to attempt at drawing one of my own ala sketch.

Here's where I attempt at redrawing a few to get a better handle on the zombies' shading and style. I'm even managed to get past the blood and guts part of drawing zombies. ;)

And of course, I wanted to expand on my appreciation for Mike Mignola that I had to draw some of his art. This was done Friday and Saturday when I found a cover to the latest Hellboy issue, The Fury. I have not read it yet, but after copying this cover, I must get my hands on it. :D

Also, as of this coming Friday, I am going to Comic Con NYC with my brother. I'm gonna be down there for a good chunk of the day and hopefully get in touch with some of my favorite artists and actors and writers and get their autographs. ;)

Catch you soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

zombies galore!!

For the Past week, I've trying to sketch nothing but zombies. To help me in my quest, I used the zombies from my Hard Cover edition of Walking Dead to help further my studies of zombies. Now that I have trained myself to get past blood and guts, I have started getting the hang of drawing people with blood and guts. :P

Two pictures below are studies from the walking dead comics that Tony Moore has illustrated. Personally, I like Tony Moore's art better because it shows a more grusomier look to the zombies. While the Charlie Adlard fellow is okay, I guess his zombies don't necessarily have the same pop out effect that Tony Moore has.

And of course, because I watched two episodes of Talespin today, I decided to draw Louie and reimagine him as a zombie. This sketch is actually a take 1 submission that I'm planning on submitting for the Talespin T-Shirt contest that the Talespin Animation Source is holding.

And who says I can't draw Zombies during class? ;)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

new comic for college paper and more!

Here is a new submission that I plan to showcase for my college paper. It's also considered to be my 2nd comic that I've illustrated because it required panels (though it could be considered a funny).

This showcases my 3 aliens: Ork, Glork N Spork with Spork in his insane glory. :P

Well at least he didn't think it was a deer. XD

Also, I got to conduct an interview for the college paper featuring the owner of the comic book shop I like to go to in Nyack. I'll be sure to post it when it comes out. ;)

As promised, I drew some more Invader Zim art. Ms. Bitters was really fun to draw because I got to experiment with a more angular style with her hands and her face.

It also features Professor Membrane and the McMeatie's Employee and the Paranormal agent from 'Career' Day. Jhonen Vasquez's style is pretty inspiring. ^^

I hope to draw more in the future.

And down here is a rare zombie drawing. Woo Hoo! :D After I get some more work done tonight and this week, I'm gonna experiment with more zombies, considering that Halloween is down the street and around the corner this month. ;)