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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I can 'bear' it no longer

(no pun intended)

Well folks, I'm back from my stay at Fernwood Resort in the mountains of Poconos, PA. I've got a lot of neat stories to tell and photos to share, so I'll do it through posting about it on my blog (obviously).

So, we left Wednesday with my Grandma, and we got there at around 5:30-ish, settled in our rooms, and then head out to have some dinner. Later that night, I watched 'The King's Speech' for the fourth time (it's funny because we watched the night before we left).

The next day, we slept in a bit and then watched the King's Speech again, this time with my Grandma wide awake. Around the time it ended, I decided to go for a walk and take pictures of the Fernwood Villas estate. Above, you'll see a bear statue, that I decided to take about 8 times so I can get an idea of his weight, perspective, height and proportions. The place was a great stay, except for a few bugs that bugged us around our villa.

Later in the evening, we caught up with my brother, who traveled all the way in his car, at the diner to eat and talk; he wasn't too satisfied with the food he ate (my mom told him to not to get the Pork dish[I think that's what he ordered] *laughs a bit*). The irony about being in the restaurant is that we saw a family leave, so my folks assumed that they thought the business at the diner was horrible. *laughs again*

Later that night, we got to see Captain America--and oh my god, it was kick-ass!! The story was great; the action was great; the characters were great (though I thought there wasn't anything too special about the relationship between CA/Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter); and the ending was great! :D It certainly kicked the crap outta this Captain America movie:

I can only imagine what would happen if this guy was at a karaoke night. *laughs again as he posts the Nostalgia Critic clip for reference*

Anyway, after seeing the movie, we got a glimpse of the New Avengers film. Hopefully, after viewing the trailer, and keeping track of the TV show on Disney XD, this movie does look promising. I just hope it does better than 'that other Avengers movie (based on the 60s TV show[not the comic]).

I think I'll also grab me some Captain America comics from my library when I get a chance this week and expand on my fandom of CA.

Anyway, Friday was another steady day. Me and my bro worked out in the fitness room, had lunch and then went for a swim. Later, we had a nice dinner at a Russian/Mediterranean restaurant, which had to be the best cuisine I've had in ages.

Later, we dropped off my Grandma and Mother back at the villa, and then the three of us (Dad, my bro and I) went to a bar for a comedy night. It was officially my first time at a bar and got to witness comedians like John Carfi and Ventriloquist, Pete Michaels (we actually walked passed him and thanked him for the show). It was a fun evening to see them make the audience, and myself, laugh (even if there were some raunchy jokes).

So yesterday, my bro decided to take Grandma home because she really wanted to go and my parents and I decided to stay at the resort. Later, we went to a shop around the area, where I bought a 'No More War' poster and a book on Ghost stories in the Poconos. Later, we went to the carnival near the hotel, and I went on the 'Cliff Hanger' ride twice and screamed my brains out. Then I played some games and won my mom a 'Dino' plush toy, and myself a yellow teddy bear. When we got home, we rented 'Social Network' and watched it for the first time, and enjoyed it. :)

Which leads up to today-- we cleaned and packed up for the ride home, and then we stopped at a horse ranch to get a ride on a horse. You guessed it, I rode my first horse ride in years. Nothing special, but it was fun to blaze a trail on a horse.

Hello...I'm Mr. T (seriously, that's my name).

After that, we had breakfast at the Perkins restaurant and then rode the rest of the trip home.

Of course, this wouldn't be an art blog if I didn't post any art. ;) So, here's some of the art that I did while I was away.

Wednesday night was a simple sketch dump:

Just thought I'd refresh myself with Chris, Corkey and Justin Casey. I still need to practice with hands, but I like the way Chris' fist looks.

I also drew myself some other ideas that I've drawn before, like my own char, Mr. C and Pickle Man (the guy with the wonky expression).

Who Draws the Watchmen?

This is my first official Watchmen sketchdump. However, I am familiar with drawing Roarsach before; I worked with him on an art project I did back when I was an art student at Bergen Tech.

I thought I'd throw in a rough sketch of Roarsach 'Gizmo', an idea that's been in my head since I first saw the Watchmen movie. ;)

Pickle Man
 For those of you who aren't familiar with my characters, Pickle Man is a character I first drew last year when I was still brainstorming project ideas. He's intended as a supporting character for my Kung Pow Kat project for the future.

He's big, strong, has a pickle for a head, and displays life lessons on his chest (I'm unhappy with the size though; I think I'll make change it up to make it more bigger [the life lesson sign that is]). He can also fire hot, flaming tomatoes out of his armpits when he shouts 'Ta Ta Tomato!!'

Think of him as a cross between Toast Man, Comet Guy and Larry Boy. ;)

Friday's sketch day was a time of was a world of fear....

It was the age of Gargoyles!

I decided to give it my first shot at copying Greg Guler's cover art for the first issue of the continuation of the Gargoyles series, written by the creator, Greg Weisman. I have only read the first issue, but I look forward to reading more in the future (I have an idea on how to resurrect these guys [hopefully with the help of Mr. Weisman]).

It was fun to draw too because I wanted to train myself on how to draw muscle tones and more human anatomy pics. Consider Gargoyles a step in a new direction. :)

That's all I have for now, folks. I never got to draw my 3rd take on the Iron Vulture because I didn't have Wi-Fi at my villa (and it would've cost me 9.99 bucks just to get it for 24 hours). But I'll do so this week when I get back to work, and try to resume work on my Trouble Shooters web comic. I just gotta keep pressing on.

Be cool, my babies. ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Iron Vulture Take 2 and more...

I can't say that it's vast improvement, but two times' the charm. And so will be 3 times this week. I'm gonna be on vacation with my family starting tomorrow, and I'll be returning Sunday. So I might just not update my blog until I get back.

However, I may be in the mood to talk about current events and such in the animation and/or tv world, so stay tuned in the future for posts about current events. :)
Also, here's an extra bonus picture that I drew last night, off of Tyler Crook's art blog. :)

I gotta get back to my Trouble Shooters project so I can at least give it some more strides. This week, I'll try drawing Chris, Justin and the gang again.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Iron Vulture Take 1

Well, it's been an entire year since I sketched the Iron Vulture from Talespin (the last time I did, it was incredibly crappy). However, I consider this an improvement, line wise and perspective wise.

However, there's still a bunch of things I still need to work on:
-draw more shapes again.

Progress is progress, but drawing is always a work in progress.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We put our faith in Blast Hard Cheese!

Just another sketch warmup I thought I'd try out tonight. I noticed John K's blog was show-casing a 'macaroni theory' with Stimpy, so I decided to draw him again by using that principle. ^^

My next sketch will be a drawing of the Iron Vulture from Talespin, since I haven't drawn anything Talespin related.

Currently watching Mst3k episode 'Space Mutiny.' Probably one of the best eps to date. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Say hello to my little friend!

Yup! This is my pup, whom I've proudly owned for the past 6 years-- Bruno. He's one of the best dogs I've had in my lifetime. He'll hypnotize you for your food by givin you that cute innocent look, he'll sleep with you at the side of your bed, he'll bark if you don't take him for his walks yet, and other cute things.

I was hoping to take better pictures of him outdoors, but it's too hot out here in New Jersey.

And without further adue, say hello to another little friend...

Launchpad McStimpy!

"Hey Ren! Check out my new costume that I picked out especially for the Comic-Con! Don't I look gorgeous?"

"No, stupid! You look like one of those modern idiot Disney cartoons that came out in the 90s! It makes me puke!"

"Aww...but Ren, you're dressing up just like them."

I thought I'd give one of John K's craziest creations and give him a fitting attire. Wait till you see what I have in store for Ren Hoek.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


So I thought I'd take a friend's suggestion and start drawing down my ideas while I work on my projects (BTW, I got to draw another panel that earlier today [before the bell struck midnight ;)]). The newbies you'll notice include Kung Pow Kat (one of my superheroes i actually thought of a year ago), Mole Osteen (a villain idea), a goth girl, and a teen vampire boy.

The others are just stuff I've either copied from Tyler Crook, or just some pre-existing character drawings such as Grr and Gaz from Invader Zim, Angela Roberts and Humphrey Bumble from Flying House (as well as my Trouble Shooters project), Gizmo C Robot (Superbook and Trouble Shooters), and a very crappy looking take on Dallas Green from Alexisonfire/City and Colour.

You know, this is the first time in a year since I've drawn Angie (she certainly looks much better than the last time I drew her. ;)

Link (no, not the guy from Legend of Zelda), the Mechanic

I thought I'd draw an update pic of one of my original characters that I just finished today.

Link's obviously a mechanic but is also sloppy, brain-dead and disgusting. I already like him. ;)

I like the concept and all (I even like his smile), but his hands are disproportionate, his chin is too big from what I intended and his legs are too short.

He's one of my characters for my little work in progress project, Trouble Shooters. This project features revamped versions of the Superbook and Flying House gang (Chris Peeper, Joy, Justin Casey, Corkey Roberts, etc). I intend on the project being a webcomic, while I sort out my other ideas and other fan art.

Greetings from the guy who wants to make great art and stories!

So, where do we begin? After countless and countless attempts to start my own art blog, I decided that this one shall be my new domain. From here until eternity, I'm going to post all my art for the world to see, as well random findings that interest me, movies, and the like.

There's a few things you should know about me (other than the fact I like art): I like art, storytelling, movies, music and everything that implies.

I've also been working on a personal project that has been in the works since my senior year in High School, as well as contributed to the Talespin Virtual Season project (, and other various fun things.

I've got a bunch of ideas to work on in the future, so be on the lookout for any interesting findings on what I'll be doing. :)