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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

last day of the month

Chuck Jones sketchdump
This is just a sketchdump of the Looney Tunes that I've been experimenting with on sunday, while reading Chuck Amuck. It's nice to know that I'm getting better at drawing the characters better. 

Cross-Contour Sheets

 My Professor wants me to experiment with Cross-contour lines this week. So I decided to practice with my Life Observation book. I need to work on edges so I can get a better angle of the wrinkles of sheets.

Burnes Hogarth portraits

These are a bunch of portraits that I practiced, ala referenced from my Burnes Hogarth anatomy book. While these still need a lot of work, I can tell that there's some beautiness coming out of these drawings. Still some lines that need to be fixed up, but I think through hard work, it can be handled.

Refreshed Lindsay/Lydia comic
I almost forgot to mention that I decided to redraw my Lindsay/Lydia comic where they complain about the cafe food. I hope that this comic gets published in the next issue of the Forum because I haven't seen any work of mine get published in the college paper at all. I really hope that maybe the editors will start publishing some of my stuff because I'm really trying to push the envelope on writing these comics so I can improve on the story/scenarios and improve on timing of my jokes.

That's all for tonight. Good night, everybody!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

something to tide you over...

Gorillaz sketch
 I decided that I wanted to take challenges and start learning more forms of art, so I decided to experiment with some stuff done by Jamie Hewlett- his work on the Gorillaz. You know, after drawing this, I feel like JH's work kinda resembles some of my own work. I hope to keep experimenting with more of his stuff to execute a unique style.

 Bugs Bunny sketch
After hearing that John Kricfalusi is looking for someone to work with, I decided to try out drawing the Bugs Bunny picture that was seen on his blog when he was talking about tools for cartoonist. I'm glad I did good on my first try.

Burnes Hogarth sketches

Half of these are sketches that I drew Thursday night and the other half tonight. It's nice to know that I'm starting to focus on form and proportions to work out the anatomy. The fingers could use a little more work, including for the top left picture of the 4th page. But good nonetheless. 

shading practice
This is some shading practice from one of my Life Drawing textbooks tonight. While I'm harnessing a good sense of value, I still need to work on how well the light and dark work together. It'll help when I apply this knowledge into my comic work.

Lindsay and Lydia comic strip
This is another planned submission for my college paper, the Forum. It's about the cafe food that's constantly being served during breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's so bad that it makes most of us Nyack students wonder why there was only good food on visitor's day. XD

Anyway, I think this comic strip isn't bad, but I think it'll help if I redraw it because something about the hands and ink says that I need to work it up. I'm glad that I'm using lighter prismacolor pencils though.

That's all for today folks. I'll update some more stuff when it comes. ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Figurin it out

Figure drawings

These are just a couple of figure drawings that I practiced with during my Studio Drawing 2 class. It helps me suggest the movement of the poses without having to draw the whole person's features. Looks like my experience will be paying off soon enough. :)

Burnes Hogarth drawings

And of course, I can't live without my detailed body part sketches of what I'm learning. It helps to really copy the real deal as you progress through life. :)

shapes practice
This is a resketch of an old drawing that I did just a month ago, expect it relies more on the principles that I'm learning in my art class now. :)

Tennis Player drawing
This is just a small drawing of what I'm doing for my MidTerm project for Studio Drawing 2. I'm drawing this tennis player on a full scale Strathmore pad at the exact same pose.

Jim Henson Value sketch
This was based upon an old Jim Henson photo that was taken back in 1971, but I'm not really too happy with the quality of the drawing. I think I may redraw it again after I get work done on my project for school.

Still from Chuck Jones DD cartoon
This was a layout drawing featured in Chuck Jones' book 'Chuck Amuck' which was from a Duck Dodgers cartoon. I forgot what the name of it was, but I'm sure I remember it.

I gotta get going. But I'll update you guys later.

Monday, February 20, 2012

comic strip redux

 comic strip part deux

Me and a friend went over my comic strip that I drew Saturday night and he made a couple suggestions on how to fix the ending. I decided to reformat it a bit and take his advice. This is going to be the real next submission just in case the Forum editors don't accept the first one.

Amelia Enmity sketch
I missed drawing Amelia Enmity, so I drew her broomsurfing. I think I may do something like this for her in the future, in which she broom-surfs.

That's all for now folks. See you next time.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

art daze

 Lindsay/Lydia comic strip 2
Okay! This is my 2nd comic strip submission that I'm trying to submit in my college paper, featuring Lindsay and Lydia. Me and a friend were brainstorming ideas of what to go by in terms of submitting ideas based on events going on at my college. Here's hoping that it gets printed.

Pear Still Life
 These are pear drawings that I did in order to practice value. I can't say that I'm really keen on these drawings. I may redraw the pair again to execute the value better.

Burnes Hogarth Abdominal drawings
 These are two more abdominal drawings that I drew based off from the Burnes Hogarth anatomy book. It seems as though that I'm getting better with proportions so far and getting the abs at the right value. But it never hurts to draw them again.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just posting...

I don't really have much to comment here. I'm too tired. Nothing but a whole lotta efforts this week.

 Website design...
This is for a webpage design project that I am working on in class. More details to follow.

prop design
This is another column that I have been designing for the play that I am involved with. It's different because if you look closely, it has three sides now.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

some new stuff under the sun...

Burnes Hogarth hands
These are just some hand sketches that I did over the weekend. While some of the lines look bumpy on the top centered one, it shows that I have a good eye for form. The others look pretty natural so far, except for the thumb on the right.

 shading practice
Since my Professor wanted me to work on shading, I worked with this piece from my 'Drawing from Observation' book. I still think I'm having a tendency to rely on the lines, rather than space, but I'm starting to see some improvements.

Room sketch
This is a room inside the Bell Inn, apart of the college play that I am working on. Already, me and the director are starting to talk about scene direction and how we're going to move things forward during the performance.

column scene design
This is something that me and the director discussed, regarding how the scene changes overall. He assigned me to design a column/pillar that can change small aspects of scenary without having to move everything backstage. This can remain on the stage the whole time, while everything is moved around. Pretty interesting idea if I do say so myself.

Until next time, stay sharp.