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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taking care of more business...

 Dr. Jameson
After reading Creature Tech, I have always been fascinated by that one scene Dr. Jameson wraps the Shroud of Turin around himself, like a blanket, quoting the lyrics to Blood Sweat and Tears' "Spinning Wheel." So I decided to recreate that magic. ;) While it's not 100% perfect, I am 100% proud of what I've done. I think it's a fantastic attempt to a fantastic moment in a fantastic book. I highly recommend it. ;)

Andrew Dickman sketchdump
While I was at my Grandma's house, I felt inspired to draw the art of Andrew Dickman, of Channel Awesome. Judging my skills to his, I really think we're both similar in terms of style and interests. ;)

 Just a little Superhero idea I sketched up for a Character Design workshop being held by Tom Bancroft. We were suppose to create a superhero based on the sketchy details he posted via email, and it was up to me to come up with something interesting. I really like this one because of the balance of weight and body volume I'm working with. :)

That's all the updates for now. 


Friday, July 20, 2012

Alien Nation promo storyboard reel

Well people-- this is it! The official storyboard reel for my Alien Nation promo that I've worked on. It's not perfect, but I learned quite a lot from doing this, and will learn much more looking back on it. Hopefully, I'll advance this project more in the future when I get more software.


Handing it over...

 Hand practice
All these hands were strictly real-life reference for the sake of learning. I feel that there were some things that could've been better, but I think the practice was worthwhile either way. :)

Amelia Enmity update
This is a new sketch of Amelia Enmity. I got tired of the Converse shoes, hidden ears, and the same eyes, so I revamped it a little while still meeting my expectations. I had intended on working on a comic with her this summer, but I've been busy putting together my Alien Nation promo (which is almost done). I should be able to get started on that asap.

George Liquor
This is just some George Liquor fan art to promote John Kricfalusi's new George Liquor cartoon that he's trying to put together through raising money. Financially, I won't be able to give a lot of money, hope his project goes well.

To learn more about the project, check the link here:


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A quick one

Just for the night. This is just a little sketchdump that I composed last night while resting and watching a little episode of Atop The Fourth Wall, with Linkara.

Have a good night. ;)

Monday, July 16, 2012

quick update

 I got to hand it to you
Yup. I think I'm getting a little better with my hands. ;)

You Sick Little Monkey!
It's been a while since I drew Ren or Stimpy together. I guess these two warmups that I did last night really did the trick. ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Tale of Michael Madison

Here's another short(er) story that I wrote-- this one is more of a comedy inspired by the works of the Monty Python comedy team.

Upon entering the city plaza, be sure to take a walk around the famous Central Memorial park. The memorial was dedicated to the late famous man named, Michael Madison. According to legend, Mr. Madison was a very famous athlete who would get up early in the morning and jog around the city plaza and stop by the central park everyday of his life. However, on a very tragic day, as Michael Madison was taking his usual jog, a man wielding a banana emerged out of nowhere and lunged at him. Luckily, Mr. Madison had a gun on him at the time, and managed to defend himself by shooting him. Afterwards, he grabbed the banana from his cold grasp, and ate after a hard day’s jog. Unfortunately, he choked to death on the banana and passed away that very fateful day. After his death, the town passed a law that banned bananas for being used as weapons and a memorial statue was commemorated in his memory, in the center of the park. And that is why we have no bananas.

The Truth of Desire

Since I have nothing else to do but sit and reflect on some ideas, here's a story that I composed for my Spanish class, before it was translated into spanish. ;)

It's actually one of my first attempts at writing one of my own fantasy stories since I have not written any before.

The Truth of Desire
by Jeremy Fuscaldo
A tale such as this probably has not existed in the beginning. Perhaps it may have never existed at all. But I tell you, as I stand here right now, this is a tale that is worth telling throughout the centuries.
For the story I am about to tell you takes place in an old world of fantasy and sorcery and many other incredible wonders. In times such as this, kings and rulers were divided over many things, both complexing and precious. Much like our modern world where we have debates over our definitions of reason, kings and leaders would argue over truth and desire.
You see, there existed two incredible kingdoms whom were divided over both truth and desire. In the beginning, they were originally of one kingdom, but after an uprising, lead by a group of people who desired truth, it lead to another group that wanted desire, and the kingdoms split in two.
For the next 200 years, these two kingdoms distanced themselves from one another and have evolved to the brink of war with one another.
To be more precise, let me elaborate on why one kingdom seeks truth, and the other seeks desire. You see, the first kingdom seeks the ultimate truth for the sake of learning the mysteries of life: why we exist, who created us, what are we meant to do, and so on and so forth. The 2nd kingdom, the kingdom of desire, does not value truth as the first and foremost important concept and believe in wanting a life of their own without knowing the big questions of life. So instead of following original kingdom’s mission, they simply abandoned it in favor of normal lives.
Now that these backgrounds put in place, here is where our two main characters come into place.
There were these two young women, fair and beautiful in many ways, named Olivia and Ellenoir, who resided in both kingdoms. Olivia was from the kingdom of Truth; while Ellenoir resided in the kingdom of Desire. These two young girls were the greatest of friends, and both favored friendship above anything else that they were taught to believe. 
So one day, after secretly being friends for more than fifteen years, Olivia and Ellenoir decided that this divide needed to end; they agreed that they needed to find some way to unite their two kingdoms together so that they it would prevent war and restore balance to both kingdoms. So one night, they rode out of their kingdoms together, into the woods, in search of an obscure, aging, yet wise wizard for consultancy-- his name was Densdon the Wise.
They searched long and hard, throughout the entire forest, to see if they could find any traces of Densdon. After a week of searching, they eventually found him inside an enormous cave where he would practice his magic arts and meditate peacefully.
When Olivia and Ellenoir informed them about their home kingdoms, he assured him that he has known about this predicament for a long time and has long sought a solution to put them both at peaceful ease. For you see, he was a secret friend of the kingdoms’ rulers long ago before they divided and evolved into enemies. After he tried to convince them to join back, they hardened their hearts against them-- leaving Densdon swearing that he will unite them until he returns to the dust of the earth. 200 years later, his physical strength is nearly depleted, but he still retained the willpower to find a solution-- which he has figured out recently.
After he informed the girls about his history with the kingdoms, he informed them of a powerful elixir that he has been searching for sometime-- stating that this elixir contains the truth and desire that might just work in uniting the two kingdoms back into one.
Thus, he proposed that both girls are to present one elixir each to their home kingdoms and ask their rulers’ to meet up and compare them to each other. If the comparison session is a success (which it will), the two kingdoms will unite and acknowledge the great power that they possess and share them.
But alas, in order for this elixir to be completed, all that was missing was mystic water from a well at the top of Mount Belion. Thus, because he was aging and needed to preserve his strength, he politely asked Olivia and Ellenoir if they may travel to the top of Mount Belion and fetch the water from its well, and add a little bit of it to each bottle of elixir in order for them to be complete. He also warned them not to drink from the elixirs, or else they would surely die. The eager friends promised to complete such a task and even present it to their kingdoms. Before long, they were off to Mount Belion.
It was nearly a week until the two friends found their way to Mount Belion, the resting ground of a well containing mystical water. The mystery behind it’s existence grabbed at the curiosity of their minds, but that had to be solved another day; they needed to focus on their mission. So, after rigorous riding through the mountain, it wasn’t long until they reached the tip top of the mountain.

Once they reached the well, they carefully fetched some water with careful precision, by lowering down one pail which would extract water from the well. After the water was extracted, they retrieved the small pail from the depths of the well, grabbed it from the anchoring hook, and carefully pour a small amount into each Elixir bottle that Densdon gave them. And with a gentle shake of each bottle, the elixirs were complete. The two friends then gently placed both bottles inside their own knapsack (one bag per person), and departed the top of the mount and journeyed back home.
However, our heroes’ journey was not finished yet. About one and a half weeks into the journey home. Both Olivia and Ellenoir grew tired, weak, hungry and most of all, thirsty. Despite the fact that they were three quarters of the way home, they quickly ran out of food and grown short of any liquid substance-- any that did not pertain to the elixirs that they harbored. Desperate for a refreshing drink, Olivia and Ellenoir became tempted by the elixirs’ luring taste. They tried to be mindful of Densdon’s warning, that if they drank from the elixir, they would surely die. Torn between honesty and doubt, the girls were left with no choice but to try the elixir for themselves. So, they took out their individual bottled elixir, stood side by side, in case anything would happen, and slowly let a little bit of each elixir fall down to their mouths until it quenched their thirsts. After a little drink, they quickly bottled up the elixir and let the samples sit in their mouths. After a moment or two, they slowly swallowed their portions and let it settle inside their stomachs.
And wouldn’t you know, after a few silent minutes, nothing happen! Neither Olivia, nor Ellenoir, died in that moment. In fact, they were a little more rejuvenated than usual after sipping such a taste drink. After realizing how foolish they were to believe Densdon’s claim about drinking from the Elixir, they concluded that Densdon fooled them about the drink, and that it wouldn’t perhaps bring unity between the two kingdoms.
And so, they huddled back on their horses, packed both elixirs inside Olivia’s knapsack, and they headed for home. But as they traveled north, towards the Kingdoms, a sudden feeling began growing inside of them. Both Olivia and Ellenoir yearned for more of those delicious elixirs. Although both girls were the best of friends, they were both suspicious of each other-- they both wanted to have more elixir, but the other plotted to either steal it or keep it for herself. 
So, as that little tempting thought flew through their heads, Olivia became suspicious of Ellenoir so she decided to ride ahead of her so she wouldn’t lay a hand on the elixir. Intimidated, Ellenoir rode faster and faster, trying to keep with her former friend. And so, a chase between the two friends arose. As both friends raced each other for their personal prize, a storm was developing causing it to rain heavily and emit thunder. Closer and closer, Ellenoir gave her horse all that he had to keep up with Olivia. Thus, that delicious elixir was practically in her grasp, and she was right behind of Olivia, and reached out her hand to grab the prize. But before she could take it by force, a bolt of lightning emerged out of the clouds, and took the girls completely by surprise, striking them both dead in their trails, along with their horses. And so, the chase was over, and so were our friends.
In the meantime, both Ellenoir and Olivia’s families became worried about their whereabouts. It had been weeks since they last heard from them and they did not know where they were last heard from. So, after letting each king know of what happened, they simultaneously released two search groups to find them both.
But as their search continued, it was not long until both parties crossed paths and found the bodies of the missing girls. And standing before the bodies, was Densdon the Wise, taking notice of what has led to their demise.
When both parties asked him what had happened, he grabbed the two bottles of the elixir and told them that they’re ignorance was their downfall--  that because they chose to give in and drink some of the sacred elixir, it eroded away at their friendship, and eventually-- their lives. Because they let desire and division consume them, it destroyed the unity between their friendship. 
Surprised by this sudden news, the two parties travel back, with the bodies in hand, and inform the kings of what happened. Densdon accompanied them, explaining what had happened before. Realizing what kind of sacrifice these two best friends were willing to make, before their disobedience through desire brought division, the two kingdoms of Truth and Desire were inspired to unite in order to bring peace throughout the land. Eventually, the bodies of Ellenoir and Olivia, were buried outside of the united kingdoms, with two tombstones reading, 
“Here lies what was left of a beautiful friendship which ended through desire and division. Because of their noble act to put this division to an end, truth and desire and now united into liberty.”

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Couple days ago...

There was this...

and this...

I do apologize for my lack of update regarding my artwork this month. I have been on vacation with my family and have neglected updating. Don't fret. I will keep updating.

See you next post.