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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Bad Breakup of the Best Band Ever

I don't know where to start, really. I'm sitting downstairs in my basement, thinking about what to sketch, and I'm trying let out my feelings over the breakup of one of my favorite bands of all time. Yes folks-- that band is...

(He doesn't scream; he just uses a lot of inhale/exhale techniques to pull it off)

Back in my early days of High school, the only music I really listened to was Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Flyleaf, Deftones, Norma Jean, etc. It wasn't until my Junior year that I discovered Alexisonfire, playing on a radio station one night, as my dad drove me to Youth Group. As they played one of their songs, I didn't know who they were, nor did I know what the name of the song was, at the time; still, I felt so captivated by their sound that I had to know more about them. So, I googled part of the lyrics I've heard, check for results, revealing this well known tune that has become so loved and cherished amongst the fans, and myself:

After the song was done, I simply had to know more about these guys. At the time, I was also still learning how to play guitar, so I decided to play to this song and memorize every chord and the passionate vocals of Dallas Green.

After that, I looked up some more songs off their album 'Crisis.' Slowly, but surely, I discovered more of their albums after I wiki'd their name and then typed in their songs on youtube. Shortly after, 'Accidents', 'Boiled Frogs', 'Control', 'Get Fighted', 'We are the Sound', and 'To a Friend' became part of my list of my favorite Alexisonfire songs of all time, right around the time 'Young Cardinals' came out around May of 2009.

Two months later, the most amazing thing happened to me....


Yup, that first photo is of me, two years ago, just when I was an 18 year old kid trying to find my Identity in the world. It's amazing how 2 years can change the hell out of you. ;)

But of course, Alexisonfire was what I expected them to be-- they played all of my favorite songs, performed a kick@** show, help create a huge mosh pit, and of course, I got George Pettit's photo. I also got myself some AOF pins at their booth, and got to buy their 3rd album 'Crisis'.

The rest is history, my friends.

Then in 2010, AOF released a new EP called 'Dog's Blood'. It was certainly a throwback to what they did in the early 00s. And likewise, it rocked. After that EP, I was ready for AOF doing what they do best again, and anticipated another great concert from them, in the future. As an artist, I dreamed of getting the privalege of actually designing one of their upcoming albums, once I reach 100% Professionalism.

Then came this breaking news:

So in conclusion-- a sad end for such a great band. It really demonstrates how old you get and how fast things change around you. But in the end, while it does change me a bit, it does not change my favor for this great band.

I will still keep track of what they're doing, especially with Dallas Green's amazing side project, 'City and Colour'. Also, look forward to some AOF tribute fan art that I may draw and then post in the future. And I'll pray that I get tickets to that possible farewell tour that's taking place in Canada, and hopefully reach the states. ;) Above all, AOF, and their music, will always share a special place in my heart.

To officially conclude this blog post, I will post this song by City and Colour in honor of Alexisonfire, as well as an AOF song that currently holds a special place in my heart:

R.I.P AOF: 2001-2011

Peace, Love and Rock on my babies!

-- Jer Fus

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