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Monday, August 15, 2011


 Hey gang! It's been 3 days since I updated this blog, so I decided to fill this post in of what I've been doing and what I've been drawing.

"Humphrey Bumble at your service!"
Since I haven't been focused on my Trouble Shooters project for a bit, I decided to draw ol' Humphrey here just for some motivation for the project.

And of course, I decided to update my character, Amelia, a bit. Nothing too different (other than the fixed up shoulder).

And let's not forget another sketchdump, featuring: Gaz, Stimpy, AC [Brave Little Toaster], Aang, Earthworm Jim, Toy Story martian, and Ork [my alien character]

I've been sooo caught up watching Invader Zim, that I decided to learn the style of Jhonen Vasquez's art, starting with this take 1 practice of the Invader Zim cover I found online.


I watched Toy Story with my mom last night, so I got motivated to this extraordinary sh*tty sketch of Buzz Lightyear. Look at those badly inked lines; they make me puke!

But of course, I was able to save myself the humiliation of ruining Buzz Lightyear and did this better looking sketch of him. While it's not 100%, it certianly looks a lot better than before. 

I think when school starts again, I'm gonna start drawing more Toy Story characters to get my childhood out of my system. :P

And of course, I have 4.5 pages left to work on for my Trouble Shooters comic I've been slaving away soo hard on. I'm gonna see it that it gets done before school lets out.

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