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Monday, August 29, 2011

updates and art!

So much has happened during these last few days. Most importantly, Hurricane Irene happened on Saturday and Sunday, as you all know.

Don't worry folks! I'm not dead-- I'm getting better. ;) Seriously though, the past few days were a stretch. Yesterday, for a good chunk of the day, my home was stuck without power and couldn't use the internet. There were also huge gusts of wind which made it impossible to go out during the afternoon (it was safe to go out in the morning though). Luckily, this morning, the power was up and running which gave us our ability to compulsively rely on our technological obsessions. ;)

Anyway, just because I was out of power, during Hurricane Irene, doesn't mean I didn't produce art. Luckily, I had ways of keeping myself occupied. ;)

Aqua (Bruce Timm style)

Yes sir, Kingdom Hearts fans! I decided that it was time to release my inner Kingdom Hearts fanboy spirit and show off this sketch of Aqua, for the first time ever, drawn in the style of Bruce Timm. This isn't the perfect pic that I've drawn, but it certainly does deserve credit for being passionate when drawing this character. I'll admit that I haven't played the new Birth by Sleep video game, but that didn't stop me from watching Aqua's Playthrough on youtube. I swear, she moves gracefully like a blue bird, but fights with the spirit of a stallion. ^^


And of course, in honor of the completion of my first Trouble Shooters prototype comic (which remains unpublished online as of now), I decided to draw Chris Peeper and Justin Casey getting into an argument. XD It seems as though that Justin thinks that he has more fangirls who think he's cuter. :P

Hand Practice

While there was no power yesterday, this was when I decided that I could practice with my hands from real life. I find the bottom middle and the top middle to be the best because they show more emphasis on detail. That little thing on the bottom right is a finger.

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