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Friday, July 20, 2012

Handing it over...

 Hand practice
All these hands were strictly real-life reference for the sake of learning. I feel that there were some things that could've been better, but I think the practice was worthwhile either way. :)

Amelia Enmity update
This is a new sketch of Amelia Enmity. I got tired of the Converse shoes, hidden ears, and the same eyes, so I revamped it a little while still meeting my expectations. I had intended on working on a comic with her this summer, but I've been busy putting together my Alien Nation promo (which is almost done). I should be able to get started on that asap.

George Liquor
This is just some George Liquor fan art to promote John Kricfalusi's new George Liquor cartoon that he's trying to put together through raising money. Financially, I won't be able to give a lot of money, hope his project goes well.

To learn more about the project, check the link here:


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