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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Tale of Michael Madison

Here's another short(er) story that I wrote-- this one is more of a comedy inspired by the works of the Monty Python comedy team.

Upon entering the city plaza, be sure to take a walk around the famous Central Memorial park. The memorial was dedicated to the late famous man named, Michael Madison. According to legend, Mr. Madison was a very famous athlete who would get up early in the morning and jog around the city plaza and stop by the central park everyday of his life. However, on a very tragic day, as Michael Madison was taking his usual jog, a man wielding a banana emerged out of nowhere and lunged at him. Luckily, Mr. Madison had a gun on him at the time, and managed to defend himself by shooting him. Afterwards, he grabbed the banana from his cold grasp, and ate after a hard day’s jog. Unfortunately, he choked to death on the banana and passed away that very fateful day. After his death, the town passed a law that banned bananas for being used as weapons and a memorial statue was commemorated in his memory, in the center of the park. And that is why we have no bananas.

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