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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Copycat mood

There's that Duck again
Somewhere inside of me has been longing to draw Daffy Duck for some time, from my favorite LT cartoon by Bob Clampett, the Great Piggy Bank Robbery. I especially love that pose in the bottom center where Daffy's arms just stretch out-- it's very expressive. :)

Musclebound guy
If I haven't told you at this point, I had attended another character design workshop, led by Tom Bancroft, former Disney animator. This one had to offer some input on what we should keep in mind when we draw. One of the key thoughts that stuck with me was to listen to that inner voice, as you draw. Thinking about it, I think it certainly has applied to me for all the design work that I've done, whether it was set designing, comic strips, or just designing crappy decorations. Within me, I keep telling myself that certain aspects of my drawing, or strip could be better. Sometimes, it encourages me to draw it again so I can continue to learn from my mistakes.

I was going to post thoughts on it, as well as scan and post the notes I took, but the scan seems to take up much of the screen, and a lot on info I wrote down overlaps. If I find a wider scanner, or a better way to use the scanner I tried to use, I'll post them.

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