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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Going back to college

In two days from now, I'm officially returning to my college in Nyack, NY. Can you believe that it's been officially 4 months since I finished up my first year of college there? To think, once I get back, I'll officially meet up with the friends that I've made. In the meantime, I'll be packing up and getting ready to return on Monday, to start my 2nd semester.

And before I return, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of this artwork that I've been drawing for the past 4 days. :)

Ah yes, Samurai Jack-- the only animated series, created by Gennedy Tartakovsky, to combine Asian Folklore with kickass animation. :D I still can't believe it's been 10 years since I first saw this series. It's been my favorite cartoon ever since! :) And yes, I heard that a movie is currently in the works; I will patiently wait for that fateful day to come when Samurai Jack puts an end to Aku's tyranny, once and for all. :D

Of course, I still can't forget my Bruce Timm influence; in which case, I drew Baby Doll from that very famous Batman: TAS episode, written by animation/comic book genius, Paul Dini. Eventually, I should try drawing the updated version from Batman Adventures.

And let's not forget that panic provoking pirate, Don Karnage! Since i haven't drawn any Talespin character in ages, I thought DK would be perfect for the occasion.

Yes, this is the same gremlin design as seen on James Silvani's Tumblr account. After giving the picture a closer examination, I realized that this hot gremlin serves as a homage to the Gremlin from the original Bugs Bunny cartoon, 'Fallin Hare', directed by Bob Clampett. Like much of James Silvani's art, this picture stuck out because of how elegant the form, style and wings look on her. I figured this hot gremlin drawing would serve as perfect practice when I draw Joy and her wings. :)

That's all for know, folks.

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