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Friday, April 20, 2012

Knight of the Burning Pestle

Hey guys! Since it's been a week since I took these photos, I figured now was the time to showcase what I did for the Knight of the Burning Pestle play.

brick window
This was apart of one of the exterior buildings that we designed-- I sketched out some ideas, and the team went with what I showed them.

 Me and my shield
Probably one of my major props. This shield was wielded by Rafe, portrayed by my friend Ben Wallin.  Since it had to be medieval style, I thought a nice black and white pattern would work fine with it. I intended on fixing some areas that aren't noticeable from this eye view, but Pinkham said it was fine. Even so, a job well done.

Forest frames 

I drew the initial layouts for these three forest frames, while the other painters painted them. The last one down actually had a crack in the frame, but I managed to disguise it so subtlely. :)

 brick wall frames

Once again, these three frames were initally designed by me, with the cast members designing the layouts, and painted them (I actually did some paint with this one).

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