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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

sketching away

real life comparison sketch

So yeah. It seems as though this sketch wasn't the best interpretation of this warehouse found at my college. Oh well, at list I'm trying to get the perspective down.

 linear perspective sketch
Right now, I can't seem to look back at what kind of perspective this sketch required (though it could very well be a combination of both 1 and 2 point perspective), but I think it still looks good for practice.

My Room 
...or at least a sketch of it. Seriously, I think there's more to it that I could've fixed about it. I mean, it's not bad at all, but my roommate's desk looks so disproportionate adjacent to how it really is in real life. Oh well-- practice makes perfect.

facial body parts sketchdump
While I was in class yesterday, my Professor suggested that I work on the eyes and nose a bit so I can get those features nailed down while I'm drawing my tennis player drawing.

 cartoony sketchdump
Thursday night, I got bored so I decided to do a sketchdump featuring some classic cartoon characters. I must say, they look very dignified. ;)

Glen Keane sketchdump
Of course, if you folks didn't know this by now, Glen Keane has resigned from Disney earlier last week. Since it's brought such an uproar, I decided to do a sketch of Beast and Ratigan to calm the storm XD.

 Bob Clampett Tweety Bird
I must say, Bob Clampett isn't really one of my biggest idols, but I do admire his animation direction. So out of boredom Saturday night, I decided to draw Tweety Bird.

Tim Burton sketchdump
Ah yes, Tim Burton-- one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. You know, I never had the time to really draw more of his material, but I really want to. I should rewatch all of his movies so I can start copying his artistic direction. It's so unique and creative.

Ren's Happy Helmet
Gotta love Ren and Stimpy. I've always wanted to draw Ren's happy transformation sequence from the episode 'Stimpy's Invention.' It has to be one of the best sequences ever in Ren and Stimpy. I wish John Kricfalusi would revisit his glory days and do more stories like this.

Well, that's all folks. I've got some work to do. See yah!

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