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Sunday, February 12, 2012

some new stuff under the sun...

Burnes Hogarth hands
These are just some hand sketches that I did over the weekend. While some of the lines look bumpy on the top centered one, it shows that I have a good eye for form. The others look pretty natural so far, except for the thumb on the right.

 shading practice
Since my Professor wanted me to work on shading, I worked with this piece from my 'Drawing from Observation' book. I still think I'm having a tendency to rely on the lines, rather than space, but I'm starting to see some improvements.

Room sketch
This is a room inside the Bell Inn, apart of the college play that I am working on. Already, me and the director are starting to talk about scene direction and how we're going to move things forward during the performance.

column scene design
This is something that me and the director discussed, regarding how the scene changes overall. He assigned me to design a column/pillar that can change small aspects of scenary without having to move everything backstage. This can remain on the stage the whole time, while everything is moved around. Pretty interesting idea if I do say so myself.

Until next time, stay sharp.

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