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Sunday, February 19, 2012

art daze

 Lindsay/Lydia comic strip 2
Okay! This is my 2nd comic strip submission that I'm trying to submit in my college paper, featuring Lindsay and Lydia. Me and a friend were brainstorming ideas of what to go by in terms of submitting ideas based on events going on at my college. Here's hoping that it gets printed.

Pear Still Life
 These are pear drawings that I did in order to practice value. I can't say that I'm really keen on these drawings. I may redraw the pair again to execute the value better.

Burnes Hogarth Abdominal drawings
 These are two more abdominal drawings that I drew based off from the Burnes Hogarth anatomy book. It seems as though that I'm getting better with proportions so far and getting the abs at the right value. But it never hurts to draw them again.

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