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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

last day of the month

Chuck Jones sketchdump
This is just a sketchdump of the Looney Tunes that I've been experimenting with on sunday, while reading Chuck Amuck. It's nice to know that I'm getting better at drawing the characters better. 

Cross-Contour Sheets

 My Professor wants me to experiment with Cross-contour lines this week. So I decided to practice with my Life Observation book. I need to work on edges so I can get a better angle of the wrinkles of sheets.

Burnes Hogarth portraits

These are a bunch of portraits that I practiced, ala referenced from my Burnes Hogarth anatomy book. While these still need a lot of work, I can tell that there's some beautiness coming out of these drawings. Still some lines that need to be fixed up, but I think through hard work, it can be handled.

Refreshed Lindsay/Lydia comic
I almost forgot to mention that I decided to redraw my Lindsay/Lydia comic where they complain about the cafe food. I hope that this comic gets published in the next issue of the Forum because I haven't seen any work of mine get published in the college paper at all. I really hope that maybe the editors will start publishing some of my stuff because I'm really trying to push the envelope on writing these comics so I can improve on the story/scenarios and improve on timing of my jokes.

That's all for tonight. Good night, everybody!

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