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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Workin my brain!

Burnes Hogarth practice

This week, I'm working on legs. The amount is suppose to be limited 3 pages a day, but I'm thinking about drawing more legs to get the feel of drawing them in varied positions, as well as real life so I'm not so much reliant on the book.

More Arms

I drew some more arms before and during my Studio Drawing 2 class. The bottom one was first arm of the day, followed by the next two coming up. The biggest challenge that my Professor told me to work on was to focus more on getting rid of the 'line' feel of the arms and give them more edges and value. That shouldn't be too hard.

Waltham Forest variations

These two forest sketches are in conjunction with each other in an act that's apart of Knight of the Burning Pestle play. They both go together in Act 2, and the bottom scene is seperate by itself in scene three.

At the bottom sketch, I tried to experiment with more of what my Art Professor advised and gave the trees more value rather than lines. So far I think it's not bad, but I think it still needs work.

shape variations

These two pages was when I was experimenting with shape variation and shading too. The bottom sketch was before I started working on value with the top sketch.

Proposed Forum characters
Of course, to retain the cartoon element of this blog, I drew a pair of characters that I hope to pitch to my college paper, The Forum. They're twin 10-year old intellectual sisters named Lindsay and Lydia; even though they are both intellectually alike and identical twins, they are polar opposite when it comes to tastes in literature, art, food, etc.  But if they can agree on anything, they can both critique movies together. ;)

While the sketch for me looks pretty flat, I intend to put my skills to practice and make them come to life if they are greenlighted by the Forum editors.

That's all for now folks. Can't wait to show you more stuff in the future.

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