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Saturday, February 25, 2012

something to tide you over...

Gorillaz sketch
 I decided that I wanted to take challenges and start learning more forms of art, so I decided to experiment with some stuff done by Jamie Hewlett- his work on the Gorillaz. You know, after drawing this, I feel like JH's work kinda resembles some of my own work. I hope to keep experimenting with more of his stuff to execute a unique style.

 Bugs Bunny sketch
After hearing that John Kricfalusi is looking for someone to work with, I decided to try out drawing the Bugs Bunny picture that was seen on his blog when he was talking about tools for cartoonist. I'm glad I did good on my first try.

Burnes Hogarth sketches

Half of these are sketches that I drew Thursday night and the other half tonight. It's nice to know that I'm starting to focus on form and proportions to work out the anatomy. The fingers could use a little more work, including for the top left picture of the 4th page. But good nonetheless. 

shading practice
This is some shading practice from one of my Life Drawing textbooks tonight. While I'm harnessing a good sense of value, I still need to work on how well the light and dark work together. It'll help when I apply this knowledge into my comic work.

Lindsay and Lydia comic strip
This is another planned submission for my college paper, the Forum. It's about the cafe food that's constantly being served during breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's so bad that it makes most of us Nyack students wonder why there was only good food on visitor's day. XD

Anyway, I think this comic strip isn't bad, but I think it'll help if I redraw it because something about the hands and ink says that I need to work it up. I'm glad that I'm using lighter prismacolor pencils though.

That's all for today folks. I'll update some more stuff when it comes. ;)

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