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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

getting busier and busier by the minute...O_O

Pillar frame designs
Progress on the play has been pushing forward successfully-- everybody is doing a good job and I've so far helped build our first column, along with another set piece.

These designs here are just a sample of what is going to appear on the pillars in the final stages.

 unknown portrait sketch
This sketch here is an idea for a portrait that we may end up drawing painting in one of the indoor rooms/scenes of the play, like the Merchant's house, Venturewell's house, etc. 

I love how the shadows contrast with the lit part of the face.

 Amelia Enmity sketch
Of course, missed drawing Amelia, so I decided to draw this little sketch that I may put in my art portfolio. There are still some areas that are in need of improvement, but I think this is a good sketch.

 2-point linear perspective sketch
This first attempt at drawing 2-point linear perspective didn't go as good as I hoped. The shapes came out kinda disproportionate, the shading wasn't too good, and the lines felt too enforced. But...

I drew it again and the results got a little better. This time the lines aren't quite solid looking, and the shapes are more proportionate; although, the perspective on the two blocks may not be right. Here's hoping that I can keep on drawing.

Burnes Hogarth sketch
This is another face sketch that I drew from my Burnes Hogarth book-- I'm not really too proud of it, but a sketch is a sketch.

Well, that's it for now folks. I need to attend to some homework that i need to get done.

Good night.


  1. Hi! It looks like you are working hard. That's RAD!

    I like the Hogarth studies. Your lines on that one look loose and fun. If you are having fun when you are drawing it almost always more fun to look at.

    The awesome thing about art is the only way to get better is to draw all the time AND the funnest thing in the world is to draw all the time. So keep working!


  2. Hi Mr. Crook.

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I'll be sure to keep drawing day by day, even when I'm doodling. :)

    How's BPRD coming? I really want to start reading that series, but I've been carried away with a lot of books on my reading list, including ones for school.

    Also, I'm trying to focus more on my inking techniques? Any advice on how to make them look more professionally stroked?