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Sunday, March 4, 2012

weekend work out

Burnes Hogarth portrait practice

Just a little more portrait practice so I can nail down the cranium structure of the head better. Both of these look so good that it's hard to believe that there are a couple subtle errors in this.

 cross contour practice

Yesterday, and today, I started practicing with more cross contour techniques. I really should practice with variations of this sheet from my observational drawing book.

 Dexter's Lab sketchdump
 I'm trying to assert myself to doing at least one sketchdump a day for the month of March. So I started out this month with a sketch dump of Dexter's Lab, one of my favorite cartoons growing up.

various sketchdump
This was done to mess around with what I've learned so far and experiment with different styles, aside from Bobby Bender or Amelia Enmity.

 Bitch, I live in a F*ckin Trashcan!

Hah! I couldn't resist doing a sketch of Elmo and Oscar the Grouch. I like the 2nd one better because it shows more flavor for Oscar and Elmo. Plus, it allows me to experiment with how to challenge the typical art standards of the Sesame Street gang.

Reporting for duty! (Gosh, I miss drawing him).

Lindsay/Lydia Comic strip 

These are three individual takes of one comic strip that I've been trying to submit to the Forum-- my college paper. I've been hearing that the editor's reaction has been really sketchy, so here's hoping that this one will get accepting into this week's paper.

That's all for now folks.

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