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Saturday, September 10, 2011

KNN [Koffing News Network] and more...

KNN take 1

Poor Pikachu!! XD

This is just a update of an old sketch idea I intended on pitching to my college paper last semester. Unfortunately, the file was too bright to be laid out on paper, so I had to submit my Old vs New Superbook gag. I may wind up sketching this picture again because I feel there are things I should add and take away, such as the font at the bottom, and add a coffee mug just for atmosphere.

Still, I absolutely love the idea of Koffing being recreated as a corporate news official. XD

Anyway, right now I'm watching Finding Nemo with my family, whose asleep right now. Watching this movie again really brought back memories. :) God Bless talented men like Andrew Stanton. 

Anyway, while I surfing the web earlier, I visited one of my acquaintances webpage, Joy 1987, and spotted this earlier:

I absolutely adore this concept ^^. While it's not 100% like the original ChrisXJoy from the original Superbook, Mr. Garcia managed to give the general concept more respect than the new Superbook. Chris Peeper still has the black shonen hair, with a blue hoodie and a small green shirt hidden inside (just like my Trouble Shooters version :D) and Joy is still a blonde bearing a pink dress. :D This is really fun to look at. It kinda inspires me to get back to work on my Trouble Shooters project again. :)

I wish Chris Garcia the best of luck on his new graphic novel and Godspeed. :)

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