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Friday, September 30, 2011

tattooed everything

I officially finished my tattoo designs for my friend on campus! And they actually look good! Huzzah! :D Hopefully, when the time comes when she and her friends get the tattoos, I'll be able to get pictures of how they look on them. :D

And being that it's been nearly the whole week since I updated my blog, I've been really swamped with school work and haven't had much time to draw at all. Luckily, late Wednseday and yesterday, I was able to resume my artwork and draw some Superman artwork

Darkseid Sketchdump
I thought I'd practice with the lord of apokolips for a little sketch crossover I have in mind featuring him. :) What am I crossing over with Darkseid, you ask? Well, that's going to be a surprise. ;)

Superman at Dan Turpin's Funeral
This is another piece I wanted to practice with a bit because I thought it contained the most powerful imagery in TV animation. I still can't believe I was 8 years old when this aired.

Pulled out some wings take 1

Of course, since it's been a while since I ever drew an angel with wings (or in this case, Joy from my Trouble Shooters project), I thought I give her a go after looking back at Chris Garcia's take on Joy. You can tell right here that I have a lot to work on; I still have to fix hands, arm length, the legs, her pose and a few more things. So this isn't the official piece. The line work is good for sure, but everything else needs work. I hoped that she would look like she was in mid air while her wings would pop out. Well, I can still try again. :)


  1. Yeah I know, lol. I'm working to improve my draftsmanship. you have gotten better. how are you liking the blue lines?

  2. You mean the new prismacolor pencils? They're helping a long way right now. Sure beats having led spread all over your paper. ;)