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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sizzling K Unveiled!!!

Now that I managed to finish up my drawing of my friend's superhero commission-- Sizzling K-- I thought it would be appropriate to introduce her to all of you bloggers out there. :)

Being that I've learned a lot from drawing other styles by other artists, I need to get back into the game of honing my own style so people that it's 'me'  they see in my drawings. 

I'm also gonna do another drawing of her soon so I can correct some of the mistakes that could be seen in her current drawing. For instance, her hands are a bit small and uneven, and her legs need a bit more work, as well as her waist. Plus, I think the head could be smaller. But hey, we all learn from our mistakes, don't we? :)

The next drawing I do will include more character structure and anatomy so that she's more lively.

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