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Monday, September 19, 2011

Did you miss me?

Hi folks! Sorry I haven't been as up to date as I used to be. This time I got a lot of drawing done over the time when I was sick at home. I even was able to do some sketching for my Trouble Shooters project, in the meantime.

Here's some new art I think you should all check out:

Chris Peeper studies

It was nice to go back and sketch Chris again, after so long. In this picture, I was experimenting with different expressions just to capture his feelings.

Crusader Robot variation samples

I decided to sketch variation of Crusader Robots, rather than simply use costumed variations of Gizmo. These are better because they have a spirit more in line for my 'Gizmo's Clone Wars' type of story.

Corkey Roberts
There are some really good pictures of Corkey here, but I felt there were some sketches that missed the mark. All in all, these aren't bad.

Invader Zim art
Whilst I was sketching for my TS project, I decided to experiment with my Invader Zim/Jhonen Vasque influence. I heard that there's an internet community that's planning on animating some Invader Zim episodes, so I thought I sketch some characters just to see if I'm cut out for such a task of working on such a great project. ;)

Zim (Human)
At the top left hand corner, you can tell that I was experimenting with colors (one with a colored pencil, an another with one of my faber castell markers I recently ordered). All in all, good expressions.

GIR (Dog suit)
How can I forget about GIR-- Zim's trusty robot sidekick? XD He's becoming my personal favorite character now. ^^

Now she's one of my favorite characters on the show. Gaz shows the feelings that everybody feels when they have a brother who steals his/her food and makes them suffer XD I think she was actually the inspiration for one of my own characters, Amelia Enmity.

Also, there's one more piece of creativity that I want to share; just last night I wrote a short story for my creative writing class. And since this is a blog where I promised to talk about short stories, I thought I'd share you a piece of my writing so you have what kind of idea my writing skills are at.

A Dog and his owner
In a little town located somewhere in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, there once was a dog and his owner. 
The dog was named, Max. He a small border-collie mix, who had a lot of spunk flowing through him like a river running with pure, healthy water. He smiled a lot and loved to play with his owner. 
His owner was a young man named, Nick. He very shy, quiet young man in his mid 20s, who loved his dog more than anything in the world.
One morning, like any other morning, Nick decided it was time to and take Max for his usual stroll around the neighborhood.
As they got ready, the owner got dressed in his usual attire; he donned his usual striped hoodie over his body, wore his pair of red-colored glasses that covered his eyes from the bright yellow sun, picked out a pair of his favorite converse shoes and put them around his feet and tied the shoe laces to a perfect knot, and picked out his favorite winter hat.
After he was ready, he took out his dog’s leash out of a small blue container, that he keeps next to Max’s dog food box, unraveled it and then attempted to hook it around Max’s collar. As he tried to hook the leash, Max already jumping for joy seeing that his master remembered to walk him. Although Nick seemed a bit overwhelmed by his dog jumping towards him, he knew exactly what to do.
“Max! Down, boy!’ He commanded his dog.
Immediately, Max heard Nick’s command and stopped jumping on his beloved master, while he stood there, smiling at his master.
“Sit Max!” Nick commanded again, but in a lighter tone in his voice.
And so, Max planted his rear on the ground before him, as he continued to wag his tail and smile at his master.
Knowing that his dog was his obedient self, Nick complimented Max as he gently patted him on the head. “Good boy.”
With the dog calmed down and subdued with care, Nick knew that Max was ready to go for his walk. “Okay. Now let’s take our time, as we take our walk, buddy. And try not to get into anymore trouble like you last time, okay?” He smiled as he petted him underneath Max’s chin, and then wiping his hands real quickly. “Okay.”
And with their preparations accomplished, Nick opened the front door right behind them, as he and Max walked simultaneously right out the door, closing it right behind him.
And so, Nick and Max walked right down the small straight-lined path, through the front yard, and followed in the direction of the sidewalk, to their right, and continued to walk that way through the quiet, friendly neighborhood.
As they continued to  walk through the neighborhood, an extremely sweaty male jogger running towards them, in the opposite direction. As he saw them coming his way, he slowed down, jogging in place as he bid him a quick hello.
“Hi Nick!” The jogger greeted, who seemed to be an acquaintance of Nick.
Nick slowed down and stopped, as Max paused and sat down. 
“Oh, hey Baxter. How’s your morning going?” Nick politely asked.
“Going smoothly.” Baxter said, as he ran in place with his glands secreting around his body. “I’m just following my bi-weekly schedule this morning by starting the day with a jog.”

Nick raised his eyebrow with curiosity. “But it’s Friday. I thought you told me you only jog on Saturdays and Wednesdays?”
“Yeah, well I actually had to reschedule for today because I’m actually covering a friend for his job, tomorrow morning. He had to take off.”
Nick chuckled. “I see that you’re ahead of things as usual, Baxter.”
“Yeah. Right now, I need to get ahead of the road and meet up with some friends when I’m done.” Baxter said as he continued to run in place.
Quickly, Max barked for Baxter’s attention. “Bark! Bark!” He begged.
Baxter turned to Max as he continued to run in pace, but say his hellos at the same time. “Oh, hey Max! Being a good dog, buddy?”
Max just sat there, wagged his tail and gave Baxter his paw. Baxter quickly paused from his jogging, and bent down and shook Max’s paw as he petted him gently. “Hah! Good as usual I see. Have you chased any squirrel’s lately?” He remarked.
Max let out a happy bark, knowing that he’s good at chasing squirrels. “Bark! Bark!”
“Haha! Good dog!” After Baxter was finished petting Max, he stood up straight and resumed jogging in place, and quickly turned to Nick. “Well, I have to get going, Nick. You and your dog have a good day, okay?”
“Sure thing, Bax.” Nick said as he showed Baxter a thumbs up.
“Okay! See you later!” And just like that, Baxter jogged down the road, passing Nick and Max, and continued to follow it towards his destination.
So, Nick and Max looked at each other, as Nick decided it was time to continue to walk. “We better get going ourselves, boy.” 
Thus, Nick walked right behind Max as he continued to grip the leash around his hand, keeping control of Max’s direction.
But as they continued farther and farther down the road, something quickly caught Max’s attention. As a small squeak was heard in the distance, Max turned his head to where the sound was coming from. And before his eyes, was a small, grey squirrel who was carrying a bunch of nuts in it’s mouth.
Seeing that his dog was completely still and looking at the squirrel near them, Nick saw what Max saw and wasn’t too surprised one bit, quickly reminiscing Baxter’s remark about squirrels. “Well, speak of the devil.” Nick said to himself.
Like a hypnotized victim, lost in a trance, Max was completely mesmerized by the squirrel. Like any other dog longing to chase squirrels, Max prepared himself as he was raring up for the kill. Slowly but surely, he moved one small baby paw at a time-- step by step, inch by inch-- only so he could make a clean kill. 
Nick retained a tight squeeze around the leash, trying to pull Max away from the squirrel. “No, Max.” He said as he struggled to control the leash. Every attempt to drive Max’s attention away from the squirrel only proved to fail, as Max still continued to get closer to the unsuspecting squirrel. “Max...?” Nick asked politely.
But suddenly, at the speed of light, the squirrel quickly ran away, and ran for the nearest tree it could find. Like a ticking time bomb that just went off, Max ran after him as Nick lost control of the leash, only to be walked by his own dog.
“Maaax!” Nick called out as he was pulled away by his dog, who was chasing the squirrel as fast as he could.
Closer and closer, Max was just a few inches away from getting the squirrel once and for all. But like any poor victim that was harmed by the stroke of luck, the squirrel quickly ran up the tree, climbing up the cool and dark-colored trunk, ruining Max’s chances of catching his prey. Unable to climb up the tree, Max merely stood upon that tree as he barked up at the squirrel, who was feet above him and Max and continued to climb on the tree’s strong branches.
As Max continued to bark up the tree, Nick was able to regain control over him as he continually pulled him away. “Come on, Max! You’re barking up the wrong tree. You won’t be able to catch him like that.” Nick said, trying to calm him down.
But Max continued to bark and bark at the squirrel, who was still in his sight and was unable to be caught.
Knowing that is was time to move on, Nick quickly yanked Max’s leash as he called out to him. “Max!” He called out as he pulled him away from the tree. “Come on, Max!” Nick said as he bent down and calmly petted him to put Max’s mind at ease. “It’s okay boy. You’ll catch him next time.” And just like that, Max was officially calmed down and was no longer fixiated on the squirrel, who was far out of his reach. “Besides,” Nick joked, “if there’s anything you enjoy more than catching squirrels is catching rabbits.” After that little joke, Nick regained control of the leash as he controlled where he and his dog were going. “Come on. Let’s get a move on.”
Thus, Max was at peace as he let Nick take the leash as they continued walking down the road.
And so, after they walked around their neighborhood for a few blocks, they came across a small park with a lake nearby. The sun was shining bright as it’s reflective rays were seen shining on the water’s stream, as the water ran quickly like small flower pedals blowing in the wind. The park itself came with a small memorial statue and a park bench for you to watch any activity that may happen on the lake.
Nick knew that is was a nice spot to just sit down and reflect upon his life, with his faithful dog at his side.
Thus, Nick walked Max right over to the park bench as slowly sat on the bench, and got a great view of the lake before him. Max sat down by his mater’s side as he kept smiling and looked up to his master, as if her were his very own.
Nick gave Max a quick glance as he reflected on his thoughts. “You know, Max? You sure know how to give a owner a lot on his plate. But you know what? I don’t think I’d have anything if I never had you.” He kindly remarked.
Thus, as the sun continued to shine down, our two friends continued to sit until it was time to go. As you can tell, their friendship was really something special.

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