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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

new stuff

Now that I'm finally able to resume college without getting sick, I can finally post my current artwork process.

Here's a little sketchdump exercise I was experimenting with monday night, after I struck Mst3k madness and wanted to sketch Zap Rowsdower (as you can tell by the bottom right sketch and the top middle sketch). The rest was just practice off of John Hoffman's blog [aka monkeyfeather]; the link can be found here for reference:

Eventually, I should start drawing Dibs from Invader Zim again and practice with a sketch dump dedicated to him.

KNN [Koffing News Network] take 2
Hooray! I finally drew a better copy of KNN for my college paper! I feel so happy! :D

Monster Volcano God
This started out as a doodle that I did in my college writing class. I don't blame myself for drawing during class. :P

Anyway, this was to show what I can do as a developing artist, style wise. I still need to figure out what I should do with him though. haha

That's all for now folks. ;)

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