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Friday, January 13, 2012

Femme Fatale piece

This is another Film Noir piece that I'm submitting to my college's magazine, the Fine Print, since they're currently excepting Film Noir artwork.

Looking at how I'm drawing my women, I'm starting to notice how my anatomy practice has been improving in my artwork in general. I like how I managed to give my femme fatale girl a nice pair of ta-ta's that really pop out- in an artist's perspective of course. :P

The only errors that I can really spot are some of the small strands of hair that stuck out. Also, the hand on her hip tended to be a bit too small for a woman. For a well done piece, they could've been better.

Above all, I think this is a sure sign that 2012 could very well be a great year for publishing art (but of course, I can't promise that ;) ).

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