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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

new updates...

Guess what folks? Yesterday, I started my first day of Studio Drawing 2 class. :D And since I managed to keep my talents up this whole week, I decided to update with what I drew.

Jim's Grocer Shop
This is just another set drawing I did for the play while I was watching Dark Crystal monday night. I think the perspective kinda needs work, but it's pretty good for the first time. I especially like the way I subtlely referenced 'Jim Henson's Creature Shop' here XD.

Big Bird sketch
Since I'm still in the Sesame Street mood, I decided to take my chance by drawing 'the bird'. ;) I like some of the uniqueness in this take on Big Bird. He was one of my favorite Sesame Street characters. :)

 Shapes sketch
This I drew while my Studio Drawing 2 Professor was teaching his Studio Drawing 1 class. lol Since I'm taking my new Studio Drawing 2 class as an independent study, I basically sit at the side while my Professor teaches the class. But of course, we set up time that we'll spend together before and after his Studio Drawing 1 session, so I can fulfill my time there. :)

 Burnes Hogarth skethes

These are more Burnes Hogarth sketches that I did yesterday-- one in class, and two which my Professor assigned me to do. :) I think these are great sketches considering that I'm drawing more often.

 Human arm comparison

Of course, I wanted to test my skills and see how I manage to use them without the Burnes Hogarth book by sketching this human arm for reference.

That's all for now folks. ;)

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