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Monday, January 9, 2012

Not much to do tonight

 Burnes Hogarth sketchdump
I didn't really do too much today, aside from the sketchdump at the bottom that I did tonight. Anyway, I really need to focus on drawing hands more often so I can express believability as well as muscle drawings better. Not much else to really comment really.

bedroom sketch
 Just a quick practice with some scenary so I can nail down drawing a room better.

Zoey's Ballet
And of course, my favorite piece of Zoey, from Sesame Street, doing the ballet. Being that I still watched Sesame Street at the age of 12, I really dug Zoey's new ballet look-- it made her more girly.

And with this sketch, I gave her a bit of a 'Dee-Dee' vibe from Dexter's Lab. XD

You'll notice that the hands look goofy and not like human hands while they're in the ballet form-- I did that on purpose because I treated her hands with 'puppet-like' qualities because I think it emphasizes how puppet-like she is despite her new cartoony style.

And that's all I have to say about that. :P

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