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Thursday, January 19, 2012

getting tired by the end of the night.

City/street sketch and Barber Shop sketch

Once again, these two drawings are for the play that I'm involved with. The street/city sketch above was a retake of another sketch that I had previously drawn and redrew it so I could improve upon the perspective and the walls. I can see a bit of improvement in what I've done so far.

As for the barber shop, I think the perspective still needs work because if you pay attention to the line seperations between the sidewalk and the back alleys, it's waaay off. But I can still work to improve.

Looney Tunes/Sesame Street sketchdump
I got bored, so I decided to do a sketchdump of Bugs, Daffy, Cookie Monster, Mr. Johnson, Elmo and Kermit from Sesame Street, plus Gizmo from Superbook/Trouble Shooters. Nice to see that I can still draw Gizmo, and the other characters above.

 Burnes Hogarth sketch
This is just another sketch practice session from Burnes Hogarth's book again. Nice to know that I'm getting better and working with the neck, even though this does look a little disproportionate.

That's just about it for now folks! See you next time. ;)

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