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Monday, January 2, 2012

last sketch of 2011/first sketch of 2012

Sesame Street sketchdump
Being that the year was coming to a close, I thought I'd experiment for a bit and doodle some of my favorite Sesame Street muppets. As you know, I'm a big Sesame Street fan. So I thought maybe when I have more downtime, I could draw the characters in my own style, rather than what was done to death over and over again.

Hellboy 2012 sketch
I can't say this is my first official sketch of the new year (being that I drew another Sesame Street doodle dump yesterday at a dinner), but it still counts for what it's worth.

Anyway, since I'm an HB lover, I thought I'd draw him again for old time sakes. But you know, something about this drawing of HB needs improvement-- the semi-gloss needs improvement, the hands need improvement, the pose needs improvement-- everything needs improvement.

But to give myself credit, I think it's a decent sketch to start off 2012. And speaking of 2012, I need to establish what my resolutions are gonna be. Expect that in my next blog post this week. ;)

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