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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Quackerjack sketchdump
 You know? I haven't really drawn anything Disney for quite a bit, so I decided to do a Darkwing Duck sketchdump devoted to Quackerjack.

As I analyze my ability, I can't tell if I'm tired of drawing anything Disney-esque or not. On one hand, I really loved watching a lot of the Disney Afternoon shows, as well as Darkwing Duck, for their storytelling; on the other hand, the style is very simplistic and classical.

I guess it's because I haven't really watched any DA shows in so long and have

Angry Raven
Teen Titans has always been one of my favorite TV shows since I was a teen myself. :P So, I felt compelled to draw Raven after watching the show again. I think she's one of my favorite characters out of all the Titans because she has this very quiet, gothic, and mysterious personality. Plus, she has great magical abilities, and a cool go to catchphrase '

Kit Kat-- Kung Pow Kat's sidekick
This is another Kung Pow Kat-related sketch for a friend that I need to submit for that story we're working on. :) I really like this design because you tell a lot about his personality by the way of his clothing-- they're torn, oily, worn out, etc. The inking really works too.

Alien Nation
I finally started tackling another sequence for my project :D This time, it involves Spork! I just love the way he's running because the shading adds speed and liveliness to his style of running. XD

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