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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Coming up....Comic Con!!

As promised, I will give you guys a quick filler of how Comic Con went and show you my photos of how me and my bro sent the 3 hours at the Javits Center.

James Silvani!
(uh oh! Looks like Amy Webberson dropped something! :O)

Man! I feel like a crappy photographer. Anyway, I got the privelege of getting the chance of meeting James Silvani and Amy Webberson-- one of the few creative individuals behind Darkwing Duck's comic book lineup at Boom (which is gonna end soon). 

I felt really excited and just had to get my comics signed by him (and Amy too). Too bad I could get a personal shot with him.

But at least I was lucky enough to get this awesome Darkwing Duck sketch. :) It makes a good Birthday gift too. :)

Oh hey! A rare Batman Beyond siting, with Harley Quinn and the Joker!

Tony Moore
And of course, I got my chance at getting Tony Moore at inking his commission for somebody. I even had the chance of talking to him for a bit. :)

This was a quick Spiderman shot I found at the early beginning--
does whatever a spider can. ;)

Another cosplay siting! This time with Sailor Mercury!

I'm Batman's Batsuit!

And of course, me and my bro. That's me on the left, of course. ;) God, I feel like such a schemer in that photo. :P

Anyway, I also managed to get a copy of Modern Masters: Bruce Timm and Jeff Smith, Jack Kirby's mini Avengers comic and Walking Dead volume 4. But alas, no new DWs. Maybe next time though.

All in all, I think I had a good time at Comic Con. Hopefully, next year I'll be able to hang around longer and check out some more workshops.


  1. you guys must have had a lot of fun!

  2. Yeah. I wish we stayed longer though. We would've had more fun that way.

  3. Yea I want to go to a con someday soon. Btw your face looks like Bruce Campbell lol

  4. Thanks. :)

    I always thought I looked like an evil scientist trying to take over the world and is followed around by his stupid assistant. All we would need now is a theme song. :P