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Thursday, October 6, 2011

zombies galore!!

For the Past week, I've trying to sketch nothing but zombies. To help me in my quest, I used the zombies from my Hard Cover edition of Walking Dead to help further my studies of zombies. Now that I have trained myself to get past blood and guts, I have started getting the hang of drawing people with blood and guts. :P

Two pictures below are studies from the walking dead comics that Tony Moore has illustrated. Personally, I like Tony Moore's art better because it shows a more grusomier look to the zombies. While the Charlie Adlard fellow is okay, I guess his zombies don't necessarily have the same pop out effect that Tony Moore has.

And of course, because I watched two episodes of Talespin today, I decided to draw Louie and reimagine him as a zombie. This sketch is actually a take 1 submission that I'm planning on submitting for the Talespin T-Shirt contest that the Talespin Animation Source is holding.

And who says I can't draw Zombies during class? ;)

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