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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Staying Dangerous

'Zombie' Tad Stones

This is a piece that I drew up yesterday, in the midst of my essays and my quiz-studying, honoring Darkwing Duck's creator, Tad Stones. 20 years ago, he created DW for Disney TV animation; 20 years later, he is still involved in the TV animation world and is currently working on a pilot for Cartoon Network, storyboarding for Bob's Burgers, writing scripts for other shows, etc

Here's hoping he manages to make it to 80 and still do all that jazz. ;)

Walking Dead sketches
Of course, here's some zombie sketches that I drew up before I sketched Tad as a zombie. Eventually, I should practice with panels from my WD comics and nail down the action for practice.

Harley Quinn practice
And before I got zombie fever, I drew up some Harley Quinn sketches from Modern Masters: Bruce Timm where it featured a bunch of HQ sketches. These aren't perfect, but they're helping me nail down Harley's line of action which will help me draw women better.

That's just about it for now. ;)

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