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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

just trying to keep busy

Hey guys! Just popping in and updating my blog before I go about the rest of my day and get work done for school. I hope you enjoy some of the art that I have in store for you all. :)

Just is just my first take at sketching some scenary from an episode of Darkwing Duck-- 'Steerminator'. When I was looking at the episode again, I just had to draw that one set of scenery before Gosalynn and Honker emerge from underneath.

Franken Gizmo and Corkey the Mummy
This is just an old resketch of some costume ideas I had in mind for Gizmo C. Robot and Corkey Roberts, for my Trouble Shooters project. Gizmo makes one badass frankenstein monster. ;)

And of course, since I've been reinspired by James Silvani's art again, I decided to practice with some panels from the DW #3 comic so I can practice drawing angle shots in comics better. I didn't complete the 5th and final panel in the comic because I felt like I was running out of space.

Zombie comic submission
And of course, I finally got to finish my comic strip submission for the college paper. :D I am proud of the hard work that I put into drawing these zombies. It seems like I just keep getting better and better. :)

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