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Thursday, October 20, 2011

What a week! I turned 21

Hey guys! I got some great news! My interview with the owner of Funny Business Comic books down at Downtown Nyack was seen in the paper today, when I picked it up. Unfortunately, there was no strip seen in the paper, but this is a good start for the year.

And of course, I managed to post new art this week, as well as Birthday art this week since I turned 21 on Wednesday.

Tom Servo ala Terminator
It feels nice to sketch a Mst3k character again. I have really been watching that show every week now. I wish they brought it back so they could get Tom Servo and Crow back with Mike or Joel in the silloutte corner.

Anyway, this is a sketch of Tom Servo dressed in his Terminator outfit as seen at the end of Hobgoblins. Looks like somebody's gonna get kicked in the shin tonight. ;)

Skull w/ Bday cake.
Since I turned 21 on Wednesday, I thought I'd draw myself a little birthday sketch. Cool, isn't it?

Zim sketches
I think I'm starting to get better at sketch Zim characters, but I still need work in some areas, like facial expressions and a few other factors.

Zombie Boyfriend
Of course, after I drew the Zombie girl for the comic strip for the college paper, I decided to sketch her a boyfriend. Wait till I sketch them together in their own picture. ;)

Well, that's just about it for now folks. Can't wait to update soon. :)

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