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Thursday, March 22, 2012

new stuff to show off

Alien Nation storyboards

Just some more storyboard fun with Glork. It's good that I'm encouraging more movement among my characters.

 sketchdump for cast members
This whole week I've been experimenting with sketching the cast members for the play that I've been working on, as a set designer. Eventually, it let to the results below ;)

 linear perspective practice
Here's some linear perspective practice that I've been working with from my drawing from observation book; this time I'm trying to take my professor's advice and draw a little less and focus more on the quality aspect of drawing a piece for the week. I may add some more finishing touches to this, just to take his advice.

Knight of the Burning Pestle Cast
Tada! This is the entire cast and crew (including myself) who are involved in the college play (with the exception of one person who is not entirely involved in the play whatsoever. This is actually set to appear in the playbill that we're developing before the premiere. 

Wish me luck as we design the physical look. :)

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