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Thursday, March 8, 2012

update before spring break!!

Sorry that I haven't had any time to really update this week. It's been extra busy considering that I have been preparing for a midterm or two this week. But I'm confident that I'm 99.9% done. In the meantime, here's some of the work I did.

Cross Contour practice
This is something I drew monday, the day before art class. It's nice to now that I'm getting better at drawing different angles of flags or fabrics when they're bent.

basic shapes practice
This is based off a photo that was found on my Professor's art site for students. It's certaintly helping me with basic shapes and value without relying on lines all the time.

rough sketch of Mosley North
This is just a rough sketch of the north side of my dorm on campus. It's not the most accurate sketch of the building, considering that I still need to work on perspective and other details, but it's good for a suggestion piece.

Burnes Hogarth portrait
I think I'm getting better at drawing this portraits bit by bit. Sure there's some details missing, but the overall shading and lines are proof that I'm arriving to what I want to do with my art. :D 

Amelia Enmity voodoo redux sketch
And of course, I couldn't resist a little Amelia Enmity sketch. I missed drawing her so much, that I decided to redraw my old sketch of her practicing voodoo. XD 

I can certainly tell that my value is starting to show in this sketch, and my perspective has improved.

Well, I'm getting tired. So I think I'm going to hit the sack soon. Good night everybody!

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