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Saturday, November 12, 2011


 New Tattoo design
This is the new tattoo design for my friend from college who wanted it modified for the sake of fitting all the names in one chain. Pretty cool, huh?

Bugs Bunny from Rabbit Rampage
Just some more Bugs Bunny drawings from the LT cartoon, 'Rabbit Rampage' directed by Chuck Jones. Now that I'm drawing more Chuck Jones art, I think I'm starting to naturally draw Bugs better. :)

 Justin Casey Strikes Back

Since I haven't drawing Justin Casey in ages, I thought I'd do him the honor of drawing him again. He looks pretty epic, you know? Oh BTW, that toy he's holding is a Psalty Peanut doll-- a character I created for the Trouble Shooters universe. Basically, he's a popular children's church character with a sarcastic attitude. ;)

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