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Monday, November 21, 2011

More to come after the break (not Thanksgiving Break) XD

Well, here's another update to keep this blog in motion. I'm glad that I'm drawing more and more.

 Bone Sketchdump
For those who don't know, I have discovered the wonders of the Bone series by Jeff Smith. After reading it this summer, I felt inspired to improve my cartooning through the series. :)

Mike Mignola's Hellboy practice
This is my first attempt at working on some pages from the Hellboy 'Right Hand of Doom' comics. Mind you that it it has it's errors, but all in all, it's not bad. :) Mike Mignola's artwork really does inspire me to draw at my level but improve immensely.

One Shot Fanart
After recollecting with the Darkwing Duck comics that James Silvani has worked on, I realized how much I fell in love with One-Shot-- he totally reminded me Petey Pate from the Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse cartoon series. I hope to draw more of him in the future. :)

Zombie Girl 2.0
Remember my zombie girl from last month's comic submission for the college paper? Well, I decided to drew her a better pose and fix her up a bit. I actually think this sketch is better than before. :)

Anyway, I hope to update this blog some more and share some more submissions for the college paper. :)

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