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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taking care of business

Hey guys! Just letting you know that I am still drawing in the midst of Finals that are coming up. So I need to start studying my buns off, which could possibly result in less drawing. That doesn't mean I won't be updating this blog as often as I have been doing now.

Darkwing Duck sketchdump

All apologies for the slant on this photo here-- I had a hard time trying to adjust it with my scanner; it was really annoying, but at least I got to put these up. Anyway, I copied these off of James Silvani's concept artwork gallery on the negaverse website where all the DW fans gather. I outta regather there so I can share my DW fandom sometime. :)

Spork studies
Mind you that these aren't in the perfect quality, drawing these were still loads of fun. I got to experiment with some new cartoon expressions that probably were never done before. XD

Amelia Enmity/Bobby Bender
And last, but certainly not least, the unveiling of Amelia Enmity's new design as well as a new character/friend of hers-- Bobby 'Bloody' Bender-- the obsessive compulsive vampire. Mind you that this isn't the final design of Bobby, but it certainly is work posting for the sake of history because there are a bunch of features here that I want to keep. :)

I especially enjoy AE's new look too because it looks more matured from before. :)

And the fact that they're hovering above the ground is epic!! XD

I actually drew it like that because I drew AE at a slanted angle, which I had an occasional problem of drawing my characters in that fashion. So, to correct my mistake, I decided to draw her hovering on a piece of earth to add to the effect.

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