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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dumping my sketches here...

I have a habit of typing in a centered text format. lol

Anyway, just wanted to let you cool cats who are viewing my blog right now that I am still keeping busy this week, as well as drawing more and more art. The most that I have drawn this week had to be sunday night.

But enough talk-- here's some more cartoon sketches...

Daffy Duck studies
Just some more observation sketches from watching more and more Chuck Jones cartoons, most notably 'Duck Amuck'. That was one fun cartoon that I watched growing up. I still have minor detail issues to work out with Daffy though.

Darkwing Duck cover 10 A practice
And since I was so obsessed with drawing Ducks, I decided to practice with this DW Duck cover featuring the ever so suave Steelbeak and the founders of FOWL [Fiendish Organization for World Larceny]. I currently own this issue, but in the Cover B edition (still need to get issue 11 though :P)

You can tell with this cover that there's a bunch of details that went amiss. Despite that, I worked to at least get it done, with or without DW on the bottom center, and managed to make some progress.

Ren and Stimpy sketch
This is a sketch about a whale...No! This is a sketch about being happy! That's right-- it's the Happy Happy Joy Joy sketch!

I'll admit, I was originally ticked off by John Kricfalusi's comments towards contemporary Disney films, as well as modern TV animation, etc. But you know what, I have finally trained myself to get past his comments and see his intentions as well as his accomplishments, all the while still being entitled to my opinion-- believing that Disney movies in the 90s really were great at the time.

I realized that while he is opinionated at times, he's simply trying to prove that art doesn't have to be limited to merely one style and refuses to let people control his art.

And if John Kricfalusi is reading this blog-- I just want to say that I hope you understand and want you to know that I respect you and believe that even Cartoons can still have great comedy in them. :)

And last, but certainly not least....
My funny that I submitted to the forum! :D

That's right folks! My first strip of the year finally made it's way into the forum. It took me 2 months to get something published in that college paper, but I am grateful for it. I can't wait till the next issue comes out. :)

Coming soon, I have a special surprise for the next post. Be sure to stop by when you guys get a chance... ;)

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