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Friday, November 18, 2011

School's out

Well guys, I am officially off from college for the whole week and I will be able to draw some more art and get acquainted with some more movies that I haven't seen in years.

Anyway, here's some art updates:

Walking Dead gun cover
This one I did when I was trying to learn more WD art and get a better handle on human hands. While this isn't perfect, I like how I'm getting more confident in drawing human hands.

half and half sketchdump
 This one I drew before I drew the WB hand. I started out with Rick Grimes, and then I eventually drew Bugs Bunny, and the rest is history. I like how I'm getting better at drawing Gosalynn from Darkwing Duck. Oh, btw, the character that looks like he has a bowling ball for a head is actually one of the characters that is apart of my story starring Kung Pow Kat (It's a secret). ;)

Referring back to my Darkwing Duck comics, I looked over the villain, One-Shot, and drew him because I felt compelled to draw him. You know, he's pretty fun to draw. His insanity driven by his obsession of not throwing the same thing twice fascinates me. I outta draw some fanart for him soon. :)

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