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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

new submissions

Garfield sketchdump

I thought I'd return to my Jim Davis roots and experiment with drawing Garfield characters, as referenced from my Garfield's Life to the Fullest funny book. The funny thing is despite the fact that Jim Davis was one of my early artistic inspirations, I can't seem to draw Garfield 100% spot on. lol But I manage to do a good job though. :)

Amelia Enmity hates homework

This is just a resketched take of what I had previously posted on my blog, as well as submitted to my college paper not too long ago. This is totally better than the first one, but I feel there's a few errors with the perspective and needs a bit more work. However, the perspective works better than what I done previously.

Bad Roommates Comic Strip

This is yet another submission for the college paper in which is corresponds with an article, written by another student, on bad roommates.

I had to color it in because I didn't feel write submitting a funny with no color to fill in for the pencil job. One of these days, I'm gonna get a Cintiq pad and color my pics/comics neater.

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