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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Great news everybody! This monday, in my Creative Writing class, I was assigned to write a short story and take the option of turning it into a comic strip. Being the eager beaver that I am, I quickly concocted this little mini comic about this fat guy named Bob.

Generally, the story explores how one can waste the potential that the human mind has-- through being force-fed bias news sources, televangelist preachers, mind-numbing childrens programs, etc. and not giving yourself enough variety.

I had considered using Mickey Mouse in the 4th panel on the 2nd page, but it just seemed kinda biased considering that everybody loves Mickey, as well as myself. Plus, I wanted to stay true to my Disney influences, despite letting the rebel in me create my own style. ;)

Looking at the comic, I'm starting to see that Jhonen Vasquez influence kick in.

And while no detail is picture perfect, it certainly is a great comic and a worthy accomplishment. :)

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