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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ah, the Joys of the College Paper!

Hey again you beautiful people!

Just letting you know that I'm still drawing and still managing to keep busy all the while trying to get my submissions for the college paper sent on time. I'm also writing two articles for the paper-- an exclusive interview with Tad Stones [creator of Darkwing Duck/Disney Veteran] and a review of It's a Wonderful Life, that I need to get done by Tuesday.

Anyway, here's some submissions for the paper:

Amelia Enmity in the weather take 2
I decided to resketch this at the request of one of the writer's from the Forum-- she wanted me to fix up the punchline a little and I agreed so forth. That's the beauty of drawing your own work, you get to learn from your mistakes and work them out. I also got to experiment with a different colored shirt for her. I think she looks great. :) And you're probably wondering why her umbrella stick is purposely inverted like that...well, i decided to keep it that way for an undecided reason (I guess it's part of her magic she practices or something lol)

College kid's Coffee Consumption
A lot of the guys at the Forum wanted to cover on the constant coffee consumption that's going around the campus. So I decided to draw this quick comic strip for them. And I had the pleasure of adding a few depictions of a friend from college. ;) Of course, I may color this one after I submit the black and white one.

Garfield sketches
Seeing that I grew up reading the Garfield comic strips as a kid, I thought I'd experiment with the characters to hone my style. I especially love how the signature eyes influenced some of the characters I've created. Jim Davis is probably one of my biggest influences in cartooning. :)

That's all for now--I hope to update some more art soon. :)

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