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Thursday, December 22, 2011

extra practice...

 Burnes Hogarth sketches
Just some more sketch practice from Burnes Hogarth's book 'Dynamic Anatomy' again. I think I drew the left and right craniums [page 2] at an uneven angle, resulting in each of them having larger heads. :P At least I'm getting better at turning the directions of each head, which shows that I'm really having my work cut out for me.

Mr. C sketches
This time I'm practicing with different variations to see what works for Mr. C's personality. Generally, he's this floating head in a tank of liquid and he's this aggressive, short-fused, jerk who loves ordering Ork, Glork N Spork around. ;)

And yes, he's appearing in the promo for my Alien Nation project that I'm trying to get together. Next week, I plan to storyboard the script with my friend, Arthur Rozov.

Until then, see you later. ;)

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