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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Burnes Hogarth sketchdump
This time I think I'm starting to get the grip of drawing heads easier, as well as drawing them from different angles. I'm glad I'm getting better results.

Merchant's room
This is another drawing of a room apart of a secret project that I'm currently involved in. I think the alignment of the fireplace is nice because I managed to capture the the proportion and the geometric alignment perfectly. What needs to most work is the portrait, the chair and the rug.

Chris Peeper sketch
Wow! It's been ages since I drew Chris. I'm glad I can still draw him after learning so much while I was drawing for the paper. :)

Amelia Enmity's glory
Have I ever told you that Amelia Enmity rarely smiles? Well, this is probably one of the few times she smiles. ;)

While I think this imagery really captures her true nature, especially with the shadow, I think the perspective could be way better. What it needs is to be tilted so it looks more like it's standing right behind her, rather than the shadow looking at us.

That's all for now. Enjoy! :)

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